Definition of madden in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Make (someone) extremely irritated or annoyed.

    ‘the audacity of the convicts maddened the governor’
    • ‘When he went there, Chesebrough noticed that roughnecks who worked the rigs were maddened by a gelatinous black gunk that clogged up their drills.’
    • ‘The striker was maddened that Rangers were creating plenty of chances but not converting them into goals, and the player backed himself to be able to solve the problem.’
    • ‘Or was the story so nearly true it maddened them into losing all sense of proportion?’
    • ‘Where Nira and Honey had gotten such expensive things, she never asked, lest she madden them.’
    • ‘Chairperson Drennan: ‘It maddens me the way the county council carry on.’’
    • ‘I will be in DC that day, or I would probably show up and sulk, maddened there were no women on the panel and annoyed at myself for caring.’
    • ‘His refusal to lead in the traditional sense created a powerful organization - but it also maddened people desperate for guidance and caused meetings to drag on into the night.’
    • ‘She lay as still as she could so as not to madden her captors.’
    • ‘I was so maddened by this disc I almost decided not to review it or to recommend no one buy it.’
    • ‘If anything, all this was a mere irritation, no need to become overly maddened.’
    • ‘It maddened her tremendously that they should all be mockingly jealous of Earl Mowbray's betrothed.’
    • ‘The more complicated your life gets, the more people you interact with on a daily basis, the more incidents occur that can irritate, annoy, incense, madden, infuriate and enrage.’
    • ‘If he was able to slip out the back exit with a few of the temps and part-timers, he would hustle to his car, hoping to beat the worst of rush-hour traffic, for nothing maddened him like traffic jams, especially on his own time.’
    • ‘His family is maddened by his indifference to the bridal candidates they present to him.’
    • ‘It was not the wild, unseasonal weather which maddened our professional turtle-watchers, however.’
    • ‘Damien maddens me so much it is a wonder why I haven't spontaneously combusted.’
    • ‘We all need the sustenance of classic and art films that madden, provoke, disturb and challenge us - at least until they come out with the Star Wars II DVD.’
    • ‘This is by no means the only matter that manages to madden him.’
    • ‘What maddened her most though, was how when she yelled all this at the young boy, Jude would only smile, tip his hat at both ladies, and shout, ‘So long, Miss Ingrid and good-bye Miss Crewe!’’
    • ‘What maddens me about this book is probably exactly what will make millions of readers adore it.’
    infuriate, exasperate, irritate
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    1. 1.1often as adjective maddened Drive (someone) insane.
      ‘a maddened crowd’
      • ‘Like an elephant beset by bees, or the straw that broke the camel's back, this week's swarm of small irritating things could madden even tolerant Taurans.’
      • ‘The dragon pitched to the ground, injured and maddened by the hail of darts that kept piercing it, relentlessly.’
      • ‘Tragedy and romance have never been so irresistibly entwined: the beautiful young queen, maddened by grief, hastening to join her dead lover, Mark Antony, through the kiss of an asp.’
      • ‘Her dark eyes were maddened, her hair a fiery torch around her ghostly white face.’
      • ‘JunoFest organizers have been busy like honey maddened bees labouring to bring you, faithful reader, the music you deserve.’
      • ‘Four times in three winters during the late 1990s, several hundred elk charged I - 70, maddened by starvation.’
      • ‘He was clearly maddened with anger, and no one was about to interfere.’
      • ‘Everything appears brazen and hard and mighty, suggestive of Angelo's own throbbing spirit and maddened soul.’
      • ‘Rather than directly answering her questions, however, he almost maddens his listener by insisting upon telling Jane her own story, the story of the governess who left.’
      • ‘She had to wonder whether food deprivation had maddened her slightly.’
      • ‘You have killed Lokath; maddened Syrah; and nearly murdered the sole ruler of all Arsinuae.’
      • ‘So come, darling, with your beauty that maddens us, and you, Praxinoa, roast the nuts for our breakfast.’
      • ‘Brooke replied, a little quieter than before, as if being intimidated by his sudden firm and maddened notion.’
      • ‘In Their Eyes Were Watching God, the novel's protagonist Janie is wounded in a fight to the death with her lover Tea Cake who, maddened by rabies, bites her arm and draws blood.’
      • ‘Living in that vile woman's grasp, it was like being watched by a vigilant, maddened cat, always with the claws out, ready to pounce on us.’
      • ‘The French responded by dismounting most of their knights at Agincourt to prevent their horses being maddened by arrows, but here too the result was the same.’
      • ‘The amount of fear she had maddened her, she had to finish this, even if her life was in danger.’
      • ‘It had fallen from its chain that hung around her neck as her assailant lashed out against her in a maddened frenzy.’
      • ‘They were animals; maddened beasts with mischief on their minds.’
      • ‘The soldiers were maddened by thirst, and their torment was increased by the image of a lake - their first experience of the illusion of a mirage.’
      drive mad, drive insane, derange, unhinge, unbalance
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