Definition of macroevolutionary in US English:



  • See macroevolution

    • ‘Despite these findings, one would think that natural selection could produce macroevolutionary changes in bristle number without the inevitable derangement of either ribosome production or the PNS.’
    • ‘The association between environmental changes and biogeographic and macroevolutionary changes is potentially an important area of paleontological research.’
    • ‘And, though some would disagree, I do not think we can make further serious progress in our understanding of macroevolutionary phenomena without drawing phylogeny into a central role.’
    • ‘This article borrows macroevolutionary concepts derived from paleontology and applies them to one of the longest-standing puzzles in genome biology, namely the evolution of genome size.’
    • ‘Thus, adaptation-oriented studies of characters have expanded from microevolutionary studies of function and fitness to include macroevolutionary studies of phylogenetic patterns.’