Definition of machinima in English:



  • 1A method of making animated film using software similar to that designed for making video and computer games.

    • ‘We see glimmers of that in some machinima projects, like Red v Blue or in Flash-shorts like Homestar Runner, a clubbish sense of ownership by its fans that turn them into relentless marketers of the net-art.’
    • ‘Already, a small cult of machinima has started up, using game engines as studios to create movie-like scenes.’
    • ‘More than just a cheap way to make an animated movie, machinima allows game players to comment directly on the pop culture they so devotedly consume.’
    1. 1.1 The genre of films created by machinima.
      • ‘This Half-Life 2 machinima is worth a moment if only for its strangely appealing Dutch rap.’
      • ‘Combining machinima, metriod-style side-scrolling, and classic console RPG elements, Paradox has a deep and convoluted plot.’
      • ‘Gamesblogger Aleks Krotoski writes about The making of machinima (Hollywood storytelling with videogame animation), while Natalie Hanman looks at Logging on to find love.’
      • ‘One of the more popular machinima concepts is to create a music video using characters in a game (there were a bunch of Star Wars ones that got passed around for a while).’
      • ‘It's made using the Halo engine (as are many other machinimas) and it mostly operates on verbal and situational humor, but then again there are machinimas with a fair degree of ‘acting.’’
      • ‘Fallen is a machinima music video created in Star Wars Galaxies about a tragic romance between a female Imperial officer and a male Rebel fighter using the song ‘Fallen’ by Delirium.’
      • ‘Film enthusiasts are creating machinima, films made with computer gaming technology, some of it available for free on the Web.’
      • ‘THIS SPRING, ELECTRONIC ARTS DECIDED to promote the Sims 2 by hiring Rooster Teeth to create a machinima show using the game.’
      • ‘By now, you've probably seen some machinima - the art of using video-game 3D engines to create little movies, by positioning the characters in dramatic situations and adding overdubs.’
      • ‘Now the punk-rock of machinima has arrived: Mame Jump, where a programmer uses old-school video games to produce the most surreal video to Van Halen's ‘Jump’ that I've ever seen, nor hope to see.’


Early 21st century: blend of machine and cinema, probably influenced by anime.