Definition of machine translation in US English:

machine translation


  • Translation carried out by a computer.

    • ‘Its resulting product, statistical machine translation software, provides the highest quality output to date from machine translation.’
    • ‘You might think that, at least in writing, the problem would not be so bad because machine translation can be done by means of an intermediate representation independent of the particular languages.’
    • ‘These resources were exploited through state-of-the-art technologies in speech to text and machine translation to determine what needed human translation.’
    • ‘It will allow one to develop a machine translation system from English to their language and all they have to provide is the data for their language.’
    • ‘Here's the French link to the main story, and a machine translation (note: the victims are not ‘high school girls,’ but ‘high school students’).’
    • ‘That is not predicted by machine translation, word-processor spell-checking, or incompetent retyping; it's just an inscrutable mystery.’
    • ‘So, armed with my high school German grammar, I ran a machine translation of Black Vienna, and we gave the game a try.’
    • ‘Combining the innovation and technological perfection, PROMT has developed the revolutionary machine translation technology and became the technological leader in MT industry.’
    • ‘As predicted by those who believe in the value of quantitative evaluation for ‘language engineering’, the result has been an extraordinary improvement in the quality of machine translation.’
    • ‘Thanks to L & H Japanese-English machine translation software, we can offer a part translation of this particular Pentium III page.’
    • ‘When you put speech recognition together with machine translation, you get terrible results.’
    • ‘I wish I had because I missed a preview of the company's ambitious machine translation efforts.’
    • ‘Computer implementations of semantic networks were first developed for artificial intelligence and machine translation, but earlier versions have long been used in philosophy, psychology, and linguistics.’
    • ‘For that you can get a presentation on computer networks by Joseph Licklider or a book of machine translation, or various other assorted goods.’
    • ‘While L & H is also working on machine translation software for Cantonese and Mandarin, it is likely to be over a year until we see the first working software.’
    • ‘I was also interested in grammar, linguistics and machine translation and before long I marvelled at the magnificent creation of Panini.’
    • ‘Statistical machine translation may be as good a method of translation as the ones we employ on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Progress has been made in speech recognition and automatic translation engines, and a convergence with search engines is just beginning to be discernible.’
    • ‘You still can see which language a result originated from and you also can switch to the site in its original language if you can't make much sense of the machine translation.’
    • ‘Other applications of semantics include machine translation and direct generation of language by computers (that is, the computer produces text without human input).’


machine translation

/məˈʃin trænzˈleɪʃən/