Definition of macédoine in English:



  • 1A mixture of vegetables or fruit cut into small pieces and served as a salad.

    • ‘A macédoine is usually served cold but may be flambéed at room temperature with extra liquor.’
    • ‘These carrots are used in macédoines, vegetable medleys, etc.’
    • ‘Another worthy choice was the brace of quail: two whole birds, deboned and stuffed with a macédoine of corn, rice, onion and ground Tasso ham.’
    • ‘Almost any cold cooked vegetables on hand may be used for a macédoine salad, and if care is taken in arrangement, they make a very attractive dish.’
  • 2A medley or jumble.

    ‘a macédoine of disjointed detail’
    • ‘Lucette sings bagatelles about them and so is called ‘a macédoine of naïveté and cunning.’’
    • ‘Whether her plats du jour were serious, light or a macédoine of flavourings, she approached them all with equal dedication, scholarship, insight and erudition.’
    • ‘Ethel 'delighted in a life which was made up of a macédoine of governors, artists and writers'.’


French, literally Macedonia with reference to the mixture of peoples in the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great.