Definition of Macassar in US English:



  • 1A kind of oil formerly used, especially by men, to make one's hair shine and lie flat.

    • ‘Every morning he donned white satin gloves with pearl buttons at the wrists, and by noon they were spotted with dirt and Macassar oil and crushed lice.’
    • ‘I remember these still being used in the homes of my older relatives in the 1960s, although no one wore Macassar oil in those days.’
    • ‘It is thought to have a tonic effect on the scalp; it was used as an ingredient in a hair preparation known as "Macassar" oil in the Victorian period.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of Makassar


Mid 17th century: earlier form of Makassar. The oil was originally represented as consisting of ingredients from Makassar.