Definition of lysogen in US English:



  • A lysogenic bacterium or bacterial strain.

    • ‘Four lysogens (HI2678, HI2679, HI2680, and HI2681) were prepared by transformation of the wild-type strain or ligts7 mutant strain with the high-copy-number plasmids pSY343 or pLP312.’
    • ‘These encode resistance to the antibiotic, allowing selection of lysogens in a wide variety of strains, including those resistant to the antibiotics tetracycline, ampicillin, kanamycin, and chloramphenicol.’
    • ‘The ratio of the titer on BB to that on 594 was then used as a plating efficiency quotient to correct the titers of the recombinants observed on the given lysogen.’
    • ‘The tentative map location of the suppressor gene or of the nearby Tn10dTc element was determined using the Mud-P22 lysogen collection of BENSON and GOLDMAN 1992.’