Definition of lyricize in US English:


(British lyricise)


[no object]
  • 1Write or sing lyrics.

    • ‘I think Daddy Yankee said it best when he lyricized a phrase in his hit song ‘Gasolina.’’
    • ‘Please be kind to Sting and don't label him a closeted Maulvi just because he lyricized your dilemma so accurately.’
    1. 1.1with object Treat in a lyric style or put into lyric form.
      • ‘While he lyricized the locale, Piano did not forego the practical aspects of architecture.’
      • ‘As in his previous film, Central Station, another road movie and a great one, Salles doesn't try to lyricize landscapes or fill them with portentous menace or serenity.’
      • ‘If you're still not bored at this stage, steps three and four are ‘lyricize your inflection’ and ‘the phoneme drill’ respectively.’