Definition of lycanthrope in US English:



  • A werewolf.

    • ‘She smells like a lycanthrope, a werewolf most likely.’
    • ‘He had explained that he did this so people could protect themselves against lycanthropes, since the metal hurt the ‘creatures.’’
    • ‘Briggs killed Elves and lycanthropes; he deflected arrows from above with his shield; and he heightened his troops' morale.’
    • ‘‘Greetings and salutations, fellow lycanthropes,’ Red called from the forest, before Olive could respond.’
    • ‘Daemon stood up inspecting the dead lycanthrope with some interest.’
    • ‘Villagers, of course, will be trying to ferret out the lycanthropes, while the Werewolves will be endeavoring to cast suspicion on the innocent.’
    • ‘Things eventually settle down and we learn that our hero is a vampire by the name of Selene, who has devoted her unlife to destroying lycanthropes.’
    • ‘Building on the basis of both truth and legend, Universal added the lycanthrope to their pantheon of monster characters way back in 1913 with the silent film, The Werewolf.’
    • ‘One of the furry demons in particular, a lycanthrope who had been trained in the arcane arts, was slaughtering Knights.’
    • ‘She could see Daemon in the tree still taking out lycanthropes with an expert shot.’
    • ‘All lycanthropes smell like wet dog to a vampire.’
    • ‘She was crouched, waiting, next to another Elf and a hawk lycanthrope as other Elves moved across bridges, in and out of trees, all hooded with their weapons concealed.’
    • ‘After she was first created she spent her time doing investigations on shape shifters and the lycanthropes, or werewolves.’
    • ‘There are other tales, too - of giants, lycanthropes, armed robberies that don't go as planned, secret missions, Siamese twins, and fishing expeditions.’
    • ‘This early conception of the lycanthrope as a victim of heredity left the monster in a morally ambiguous position.’
    • ‘The lycanthropes gave little care about their uniforms, their clothing splitting as their bodies altered, enlarging and shifting to their other forms.’
    • ‘We all just hate humans, or we don't care, or if we're lycanthropes we just eat them.’
    • ‘Well, I've spent most of the day fixated on the online lycanthrope community looking for inspiration for my full moon working on the 10th.’
    • ‘The prospect of war arising with the Elves and lycanthropes wasn't very appealing.’
    • ‘Though I don't believe in such creatures as lycanthropes and other creatures from the horror movies I do enjoy a good book about one from time to time.’


Early 17th century: from modern Latin lycanthropus, from Greek lukanthrōpos ‘wolf man’ (see lycanthropy).