Definition of lutefisk in US English:



  • A Scandinavian dish prepared by soaking dried cod in lye to tenderize it, then skinning, boning, and boiling the fish to a gelatinous consistency.

    • ‘Christmas meal traditions vary by region and may include roast pork, other meat, or lutefisk.’
    • ‘We have German bratwurst and beer, we have Scandinavian lefse (a potato-based soft, flat bread) and lutefisk, we have greens and chitlins.’
    • ‘That night I was aboard the Kottur og Stulka preparing lutefisk for 90 burly sailors with fairy tale accents and tattoos of anchors.’
    • ‘So next time you smell someone's rotting corpse around the old folks home don't go calling the morgue until you confirm whether there's lutefisk for dinner that night.’
    • ‘One of the most popular dishes is lutefisk, stockfish softened in a solution of lye.’
    • ‘For the uninitiated, lutefisk is an infamous Norwegian dish made of dried cod fish soaked in lye.’
    • ‘The Norwegian word lutefisk means ‘fish washed in lye’ and refers to an ancient manufacturing process that involved drying fish and soaking it in lye.’
    • ‘These are cleared, and a hot entrée is brought out - in their case usually a fruit-filled pork loin with red cabbage and boiled potatoes rather than the more traditional lutefisk.’
    • ‘At Christmas, many Finnish Americans eat lutefisk (lye-soaked dried cod) and prune-filled tarts.’
    • ‘They ‘drive great distances and spend much money for the delicacy, they'll risk their lives on icy roads going to lutefisk dinners in faraway communities’.’