Definition of lustrous in English:



  • Having luster; shining.

    ‘large, lustrous eyes’
    • ‘Numerous washings and applications of oil have imparted a lustrous black color to some of these sculptures.’
    • ‘How was I going to tease her for having bird nest hair if she didn't and had beautiful, lustrous raven hair?’
    • ‘Her lustrous black hair, down past her knees, was flowing wildly in an unfelt wind.’
    • ‘In metallic objects there is a marked difference of brightness between the lustrous and the non-lustrous parts.’
    • ‘Aethris then staggered out, clothes half-on and half-off, hair hanging down in lustrous waves.’
    • ‘Her lustrous hair fell to either side of her heart-shaped face and framed it.’
    • ‘Gideon smiled to himself, loving her laugh and the way it made her eyes twinkle like lustrous sapphires.’
    • ‘Her hair was black, falling in lustrous midnight tresses to her waist, softly wavy.’
    • ‘The lustrous black lacquer surface is embellished with a pattern of foliage and birds.’
    • ‘Fabrics will be shining, lustrous and glamorous, with satin and silk the main focus.’
    • ‘When you were 18, your hair was shiny and lustrous: what went wrong?’
    • ‘Her hair was dark and lustrous, cascading around her sharp, foreign features like clouds.’
    • ‘She is young, smiling, with Ian's lustrous dark hair and finely arched eyebrows.’
    • ‘Furthermore, all of them seemed to have perfect leather jacket hair; dark, thick, lustrous.’
    • ‘Her lustrous dark hair was twisted into a sophisticated French chignon at the base of her neck.’
    • ‘Even now it is bursting with heavy fruit, fine tannins and a lustrous polished finish.’
    • ‘Her hair, a lustrous shade of auburn, waves about her waxen face.’
    • ‘Parker sadly noted the silvery tear tracks as he smoothed out her lustrous hair.’
    • ‘Her lustrous brown hair, speckled with gray, was done up behind a petite crown upon her head.’
    • ‘Her round face was becoming bonier and her formerly lustrous hair had lost most of its shine.’
    shiny, shining, satiny, glossy, gleaming, burnished, polished, radiant, bright, brilliant, luminous
    dazzling, sparkling, glistening, twinkling, shimmering, scintillating
    lucent, irradiant
    effulgent, refulgent
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