Definition of lustily in English:



  • In a strong, healthy, vigorous way; heartily.

    ‘fans cheered lustily’
    • ‘The audience was woo-hooing lustily before the women, all in their 40s and still rocking in tight black leather catsuits and beehive hairdos, were even finished tuning up.’
    • ‘The engine is willing too, with the supercharged 2.0-litre tested performing lustily, and its low-end torque gives some real shove-into-the-seat moments.’
    • ‘Speaking from her Oxford home, the septuagenarian is lustily draining a vodka and melon cocktail whilst voicing her hopes for the book.’
    • ‘The deconstruction of the phases of love is especially amusing, and the audience is compelled to join in lustily on the chorus of Neil Diamond's ‘Play Me.’’
    heartily, vigorously, loudly, at the top of one's voice, with all one's might, with might and main, powerfully, forcefully, strongly
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