Definition of lust in US English:



  • 1Very strong sexual desire.

    ‘he knew that his lust for her had returned’
    • ‘I could feel the desire course through my veins, his lust for me as he hardened under my lithe body.’
    • ‘Sometimes, his poems of sexual love and lust simply give accurate portraits of his roving eye.’
    • ‘The first deals with the carnal desires and sexual lust of the players.’
    • ‘And for a would-be monk, the most potent and dangerous form of desire is lust for a woman.’
    • ‘As a result of interviewing many women, Dr. Ogden learned that sexual desire, or lust, was produced by much more than physical stimulation.’
    • ‘It sparked to life in the second act, when the symbolism gave way to themes of lust and sexual temptation.’
    • ‘I could imagine his voice as a braying bull violent in its sexual lust intoning orders for bullishness.’
    • ‘Conversely, my usual lust for Colin Firth was wholly overwhelmed by longing just to be walking the same London streets.’
    • ‘I declared my undying and eternal lust for a handful people on about as many pages, or the same people repeatedly in a series of postscripts, announced and denounced.’
    • ‘I was definitely attracted to females, but I never felt this strong lust for them.’
    • ‘His blood lust is of a piece with his sexual lust.’
    • ‘Who but the gay friend can provide a nineties woman with all of these things, precisely because he is able to rise above trivial sexual lust?’
    • ‘So by the end of camp I actually learned how to bowl and my lust for Jane suddenly took a backseat to the dream of going ‘pro.’’
    • ‘Ritter's lust for Bush is probably exceeded only by his lust for pre-pubescent girls.’
    • ‘She was hurt because she was letting herself fall for this man who probably felt nothing stronger than lust for her.’
    • ‘A woman talks about her sexual experiences, her lust for celebrities and the self-discoveries inherent in simply living life.’
    • ‘This can lead to a warped view of women as sexual objects of lust and desire and not much else.’
    • ‘You abused them sexually for what must have been your sexual lust under cover of medical examination.’
    sexual desire, sexual appetite, sexual longing, sexual passion, lustfulness, ardour, desire, passion
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    1. 1.1in singular A passionate desire for something.
      ‘a lust for power’
      • ‘Being a passionate bloke, Anderson has a lust for the game like few others.’
      • ‘Genghis Khan was a mass murderer who, so far as one can see, was driven by a pure lust for power and a desire to see others terrified of him.’
      • ‘They have a greed and a lust for the Treasury benches and they will do anything to destroy the fabric of a nation going forward.’
      • ‘The evolution of civilisation and social organisation that checks and regulates the lust for revenge and other such instincts compel one to answer in the affirmative.’
      • ‘‘I sought the life force blood of Zurvan Akarana out of a lust for greed,’ said Shiva.’
      • ‘The former indicates a commitment to communal happiness, and in fact solar glory, while the latter embodies mere private greed and the lust for lucre.’
      • ‘George's lust for freedom and happiness for himself is a lust for the freedom and happiness of others.’
      • ‘This is not, however, a movie about the ills of society - it is a beautiful, touching, funny and satirical film about a lust for life that's infectious.’
      • ‘They were motivated by greed and the lust for murder.’
      • ‘What you feel when working with them is a sense of intellectual curiosity; a passion to know more; a lust for creative problem solving.’
      • ‘Today, the prophets would once again see truth and justice shackled with chains, enslaved by selfishness and the lust for power and empire.’
      • ‘Last Saturday night, witnesses said, men armed with wood planks, iron rail spikes and a lust for revenge battered down the club's steel doors.’
      • ‘Looking at it rationally (i.e., setting aside the lust for something shiny and new), we have a great house, and the only thing we lack is a bit more space.’
      • ‘Now its pretty obvious to the average observer of this species that lurking just below the surface of an insatiable lust for money is malice.’
      • ‘For eons they strove, each equally powerful and completely opposed, with no thought but the lust for power, and between them lay the very stuff of life.’
      • ‘I have a serious lust for well prepared ahi tuna.’
      • ‘Written with a passion for humanity and a utopian lust for science, Metal and Flesh considers the status and future of the body in machine culture.’
      • ‘Here's how to turn up the heat in your career, relationships, hobbies and health so that you can live with more passion - and develop a true lust for life!’
      • ‘He specifically recognizes that he has no motive for his future crimes but a lust for power that comes entirely from within.’
      • ‘Becoming Sharp thematically focuses on ambition, jealousy and the lust for fame at any cost.’
      greed, greediness, desire, craving, covetousness, eagerness, keenness, avidness, avidity, cupidity, longing, yearning, hunger, thirst, appetite, hankering
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    2. 1.2usually lustsTheology A sensual appetite regarded as sinful.
      ‘lusts of the flesh’
      • ‘What is more calculated to gratify a carnal mind than a strong delusion leading one to think himself a Christian, and yet not disturbing his lusts?’
      • ‘Rather, he draws his youthful lusts and his adult vainglory as closely as possible to his identity.’
      • ‘He fully understands our human pride, our lusts, our ambitions… as well as the basic needs and desires of our flesh, mind, heart and soul.’
      • ‘Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts.’
      • ‘‘Moral ‘no go’ areas are being created in our towns and cities for those who want to indulge their lusts.’


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  • 1Have a very strong sexual desire for someone.

    ‘he really lusted after me in those days’
    • ‘Christine and her sister always lusted after Spider-Man.’
    • ‘He likes gay men, and he enjoys being lusted after by them.’
    • ‘Blue favored Violet, even though Purple lusted after him.’
    • ‘Only she could transform the superhero's usual meek sex object into a real live girl, actually sexy as opposed to just lusted after.’
    • ‘I could give sex-me-up-eyes but the boys I lusted after were the aloof ones.’
    • ‘You certainly get plenty of ‘action,’ but you'd be happier if those who lusted after you were more selective.’
    • ‘On the night of their wedding, January lusted after his new wife, May, believing his forceful actions to be justified because of their ceremonious union.’
    • ‘You know how I lusted after Brandon all last fall.’
    • ‘Because they're distrusted by wives and lusted after by husbands, single moms are usually pariahs.’
    • ‘I lusted after Denise Clarke with a schoolboy crush after seeing her in Mata Hari - and the lust has never gone away.’
    • ‘Anyway, it was Yul Brynner I really lusted after.’
    • ‘At one point when Mary and the fire chief lusted after each other, he exclaimed ‘it was she who first extinguished my fires!’’
    • ‘‘Nathan and I are the two most lusted after guys in school… And pretty soon you can be too, if you wanna be,’ Chad added as he stood up and dusted his robes off.’
    • ‘Cinderella thought it was great to be desired and lusted after and said as much to her Mommie Dearest.’
    • ‘Questioned about the suggestion Day had lusted after her, MacGregor replied: ‘I can't put Robin in the category of red-hot lovers.’’
    • ‘But how much does it reveal - the stars you've lusted after?’
    • ‘He frankly lusted after some of his girl students.’
    • ‘I undressed them with my eyes, the girls that I met, I lusted after them with my thoughts.’
    • ‘Instead I secretly lusted after my favorite from a secret poster hung on the back wall of my closet, behind the clothes… where I could sneak a glance from time to time.’
    • ‘And Mara will of course seduce this one because she has lusted after him forever.’
    desire, be consumed with desire for, find sexually attractive, find sexy, crave, covet, want, wish for, long for, yearn for, hunger for, thirst for, ache for, burn for, pant for
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    1. 1.1 Feel a strong desire for something.
      ‘pregnant women lusting for pickles and ice cream’
      • ‘Tomorrow, if I were lusting for cash and recognition and all the things people get into broadcasting for, I might decide talk radio was my easiest point of access.’
      • ‘Hell, he was practically lusting for it to fall.’
      • ‘So they take that person in, friends and relatives of the dead lusting for revenge!’
      • ‘Please don't think me some bloodthirsty capital punishment cheerleader lusting for more female casualties.’
      • ‘Their soul, spirit, and heart are corrupted because they are naturally greedy, lusting for power.’
      • ‘Groups who band together merely because they share the same skills, name tags or clothing colors are but gangs lusting for a sense of belonging.’
      • ‘And why would designers (in my experience, generally not all that well read on politics and/or theology) be lusting for such conversations?’
      • ‘You might have been imperialists lusting for glory and gold, but you certainly put the boot in those dreadful Toltecs, eh?’
      • ‘We can never satisfy our innermost desire either by lusting to be, or lusting for, a perfect looking person.’
      • ‘Because if you're lusting for stuff you don't have, the best antidote's enjoying what you've got - have a massage, eat your favourite food, put on your favourite music.’
      • ‘Are you lusting for a tantalisingly Elizabethan experience, like only Willy Shake can provide?’
      • ‘And this is a trade that a desperate fan at heart, lusting for something to go to the ballpark for, would make in a heart beat.’
      • ‘I could feel my body shaking from the excitement; I finally had what I have been lusting for in the back of my mind all this time.’
      • ‘He looked up at me with the eyes of man who was lusting for malicious attention.’
      • ‘As she had asked me outright, I thought a sigil wouldn't help her, as she would be lusting for results and as such, presumably ruining the potential success.’
      • ‘As the credit cards pile up and the debt collectors gather, he finds himself reluctantly engaged to prim Marigold Flowers, while lusting for her sister, the brazen Daisy.’
      • ‘There are either greedy materialists lusting for consumer baubles, or enemies of the state on North American payrolls.’
      • ‘Stop lusting for revenge, you've got something more important to think about!’
      • ‘Not, however, because we are too strong and proud, lusting for global dominion.’
      • ‘So is he ready for the swarms of American lovelorn ladies lusting for love, rushing to catch a glimpse of his good looks or snare him for good?’
      crave, desire, be consumed with desire for, covet, have one's heart set on, want, wish for, long for, yearn for, dream of, hanker for, hanker after, hunger for, thirst for, ache for
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Old English (also in the sense ‘pleasure, delight’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lust and German Lust.