Definition of lunule in English:



  • 1A crescent-shaped or oval part or marking, in particular.

    1. 1.1 An oval depression in front of the beak on the outside of many clams.
      • ‘This type of lunule is completely unknown in any other echinoid.’
      • ‘This morphology most closely resembles A. (T.) rollandi Bernardi, 1859, but differs from it in having a thinner shell, less pronounced hinge area, and better-developed lunule.’
      • ‘Other measurements of test length, lunule lengths, widths, positions, apex position, and petaloid lengths were made from both the fossil and extant Leodia material using dial calipers.’
      • ‘Therefore, the possession of the anterior, unpaired lunule in ambulacrum III, is a plesiomorphic character for the Mellitidae in general.’
    2. 1.2 A small area above the antennae on the front of some kinds of flies.
      • ‘A small median plate lying between the ptilinal fissure and the bases of the antennae is named the lunule.’
      • ‘The frontal lunule is a small crescent shaped piece immediately above the antennae, which is characteristic of the second suborder, the Cyclor rhapha.’