Definition of lungi in US English:


nounPlural lungis

  • A garment similar to a sarong, wrapped around the waist and extending to the ankles, worn in various countries in Southeast Asia.

    • ‘Towels, lungis, kerchiefs, nine-yard dhotis, bedspreads and ‘angavastram’ are also on sale.’
    • ‘There were kurtas and saris, dhotis and lungis, trousers, towels and aprons in brilliant hues and varied textures.’
    • ‘The men were held at gunpoint by soldiers and asked to raise their lungis.’
    • ‘Asian, African and Middle Eastern attire such as the sarong, dhoti, lungi, caftan, kameez, the Chinese robe and the kimono are increasingly turning up on the catwalks of fashion capitals in the west.’
    • ‘The show started off at Residency Towers on Saturday with Nidhi's bridal collection (colourful red sarees, snazzy lehengas, lungis and vibrant salwars).’
    • ‘Men and boys are dressed in casual lungis or loose-fitting kana robes as they go about their daily affairs.’
    • ‘Out of the gift box came spanking new saris, shirts, trousers, lungis and nighties and the happiness of the inmates knew no bounds.’
    • ‘‘I prefer calling them sarongs or lungis,’ says Bal, one of India's biggest designers.’
    • ‘The staff, attired in kurtas, lungis and the ‘bandhni pagdi’ (colourful turbans), add colour to the festival.’
    • ‘He had enormous glasses and an orange lungi (like a sarong for men).’
    • ‘We have a rich tradition of attire - dhotis, pyjamas, mundus, lungis, angavastrams.’
    • ‘Around the side of the tank the crowds were massing, all dressed up in their new neatly-pressed lungis and their best silk saris.’
    • ‘Flared wraparounds made from Maharashtrian lungis and Maharashtrian Nau-vari saris, kitschy floral jholas and chappals with bead works are also lined up for display at the studio.’
    • ‘There are ready-made shirts, churidars, bed sheets, cotton mattresses and pillows, khadi-silk sarees, khadi-silk shirts, spun-silk shirts, T-shirts, lungis, towels and carpets, among other things.’
    • ‘Men wear lungis, a piece of cloth tied around the waist, while women wear salwaar kameez, a long shirt and loose pants.’
    • ‘The Muslim Bouls, however, wear white overalls or a two piece dress, a white lungi and a white vest on the upper portion of the body.’
    • ‘The traditional garment for men is the lungi, a cloth tube skirt that hangs to the ankles; for women, the sari is the norm.’
    • ‘Muslim men tend to wear a sarong-like garment, the lungi, which is tied around the waist.’
    • ‘The girls sported fake Veerappan moustaches and wore lungis over their salwar-kameezes.’
    • ‘In rural areas, Bangladeshi men wear the lungi and a vest or a shirt.’