Definition of lumpfish in US English:



  • A North Atlantic lumpsucker, the roe of which is sometimes used as a substitute for caviar.

    Cyclopterus lumpus, family Cyclopteridae

    • ‘There is a considerable difference between the edibility of male and female; which is why there are separate names for them in countries where the lumpfish is well known, such as Sweden and Iceland.’
    • ‘The area also offers rock walls, kelp beds and fish species such as lumpfish and wolf fish.’
    • ‘Even though 41% of the sampling trips were made during these months, when adjusted for catch per unit of effort, 78% of the juvenile lumpfish were still encountered in July and August.’
    • ‘Thousands of tons of lumpfish are harvested for their roe and urchins for their gonads - both products prized on the Asian market.’
    • ‘Juvenile lumpfish living in tidepools must deal with potential fluctuations of natural prey items between tidal cycles.’


Early 17th century: from Middle Low German lumpen, Middle Dutch lompe + fish.