Definition of luminal in US English:



  • See lumen

    • ‘In fact, the capillary luminal diameter has been increased in the skin and nerves of patients with diabetes, even in the presence of neuropathy.’
    • ‘Autopsy findings confirmed luminal narrowing of bronchioles by scarring, which is a histopathologic features of bronchiolitis obliterans.’
    • ‘The upper airway size is determined by the balance between static pharyngeal mechanics, neuromuscular activity, and luminal pressure.’
    • ‘Unlike an infection, endometriosis does not damage the luminal epithelium of the Fallopian tube and thus surgery is more likely to be successful.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the absence of endothelial cells at the luminal surface of prosthetic vascular grafts potentiates thrombosis and neointimal hyperplasia.’