Definition of lumberjacket in US English:



  • A warm, thick jacket, typically in a bright color with a check pattern, of the kind worn by lumberjacks.

    • ‘Greendale is Young's idea of Shangri-La, where lumberjackets are always in style and girls with far-out tree-hugger names grow up to be ecologically responsible cheerleaders instead of SUV-driving mall rats.’
    • ‘A lumberjacket that she believes could have assisted her in identifying the accused also apparently went missing while in the possession of the police, and its location is still unknown.’
    • ‘The other drove a 1972 Dodge Duster and wore a Lumberjacket and Jeans.’
    • ‘He wore a lumberjacket and had a forehead that betrayed a wonderful sense of humor.’
    • ‘Their fashion embarrassments involved medallions and leisure suits, ours were about greasy hair, Kodiaks and lumberjackets.’