Definition of lumbar puncture in US English:

lumbar puncture


  • The procedure of taking fluid from the spine in the lower back through a hollow needle, usually done for diagnostic purposes; a spinal tap.

    ‘repeated lumbar punctures may be required’
    ‘clear colorless fluid was obtained by lumbar puncture’
    • ‘So I did the lumbar puncture to get spinal fluid.’
    • ‘Reducing the failure rate in practice is therefore crucial if patients are to benefit from lumbar punctures with atraumatic needles.’
    • ‘After lumbar puncture, the least blood stained sample of cerebrospinal fluid should be protected from light and sent immediately to the laboratory for spectrophotometry.’
    • ‘All patients had a lumbar puncture to obtain cerebrospinal fluid, to exclude other causes of coma.’
    • ‘Or consider what gauge needle you should use to perform a lumbar puncture.’


lumbar puncture

/ˈləmˌbər ˌpəŋk(t)ʃər/