Definition of ludicrously in US English:



  • 1In a way that is so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.

    ‘a performance artist poses ludicrously in a fur bikini with a surfboard in tow’
    as sentence adverb ‘ludicrously, we were kept waiting a further 20 minutes’
    • ‘It calls for the abolition of awards as it argues ludicrously that this will serve the interests of the low-paid and make the country "a richer and fairer society."’
    • ‘As he ludicrously attempts to claim is widespread among New York hipsters, she is "deck."’
    • ‘The program ludicrously lists the cast alphabetically, thereby throwing the first 20 minutes out the window until you have discovered who everyone is.’
    • ‘She's just awful in her role as the psychiatrist who ludicrously gets stuck in the precinct.’
    • ‘The players ludicrously threatened not to travel to Turkey if their teammate wasn't reinstated.’
    • ‘The heroine takes off to India, where she ludicrously exchanges her laptop for Tibetan incenses.’
    • ‘It's your great advantage that you don't think you can look like her by ludicrously painting your eyebrows and dolling yourself up like a rock star.’
    • ‘His face hadn't seen a razor for the best part of a week, for which he ludicrously incurred the wrath of the network commentator.’
    • ‘It was ludicrously suggested that she would become "the Number One congressional leader," but she didn't bother to show up.’
    • ‘Ludicrously, he bemoans that these fees are "unfair," yet they are continuing to be imposed with residents dragged to court while he does nothing!’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a very surprising or unreasonable extent.
      ‘a ludicrously expensive restaurant’
      • ‘The multiples for emerging market stocks were ludicrously cheap in relation to their North American or European counterparts.’
      • ‘Things should bode well after this ludicrously extreme, but cool, opening sequence.’
      • ‘The overall story, with its sometimes ludicrously banal dialogue, is solely to blame for this.’
      • ‘This ludicrously overrated copycat director gives a nonperformance to temper the ardor of his most slavish fans.’
      • ‘The keyboardist loomed like some kind of elder wizard, clad in ludicrously bright long coats.’
      • ‘I haven't even begun to talk about where he gets his funding or how ludicrously quick every puzzle is solved.’
      • ‘The plot is so ludicrously convoluted that the actors really need to work to distract us from it.’
      • ‘At a society ball, she was wooed by a ludicrously suave Hungarian count.’
      • ‘She is a perpetual graduate student writing a thesis on the women in the Iliad, and is ludicrously neurotic in every way.’
      • ‘Those two sides have plenty of time to interact due to the ludicrously lax security arrangements.’