Definition of lucidness in US English:



  • See lucid

    • ‘It shone with incredible lucidness across his face.’
    • ‘What's more, I'm not sure I can sufficiently emphasise the sheer lucidness of the moment: the hot stone pavement, the sun on my back, the leaf fragment between my fingers, the physics of the bee itself being moved by the leaf.’
    • ‘We judge our seriousness not only by the quality of our prose and lucidness of our arguments but by the caliber and seriousness of the enemies we choose to take on.’
    • ‘The first was a bi-polar gardener who often had extended periods of lucidness then relatively short lapses in memory and purpose.’
    • ‘My poor father picked up the call literally falling of the bed, and I sprang up in perfect state of lucidness.’