Definition of lucidity in US English:



  • 1Clarity of expression; intelligibility.

    ‘his lecture combined intellectual lucidity and passion’
    • ‘The lucidity of the social commentary, especially with regard to how adults use youth sports and its participants as outlets for their own hang-ups, is admirable.’
    • ‘They clicked with one another immediately, because they recognized in each other intelligence, lucidity, and vitality.’
    • ‘The chief feature of the plan is its lucidity, despite the fact that the building had to be fitted into a highly restricted site.’
    • ‘Being a gifted writer, with eight books already to his credit, he does so with lucidity and in eminently readable prose.’
    • ‘He was now recognized as one of the finest editors in the business, skilled at letting a scene tell its story with terse economy but with no loss of lucidity.’
    • ‘Electronic albums can be great for that, the computers enforcing a level of detail and lucidity.’
    • ‘It is written with a great deal of intellectual grit, and its thesis is developed with considerable lucidity and eloquence.’
    • ‘Historical lucidity was scarce in the Renaissance.’
    • ‘While writing poems requires lucidity from the poet, the poems also ask for lucidity from the reader.’
    • ‘A master both of English prose and of the dialogue form, he is remarkable for his lucidity, grace, and dignity of expression.’
    1. 1.1 The ability to think clearly, especially in intervals between periods of confusion or insanity.
      ‘she had moments of lucidity’
      • ‘Lucidity, the ability to think rationally and act resolutely, is not sufficient evidence to determine sanity.’
      • ‘He has redirected attention to moments of Hamlet's lucidity and thus belied the prince's darker psychological tensions.’
      • ‘In his consternation, making the most of a dwindling lucidity, he asks only that his brother accompany him to the hospital the following day.’
      • ‘I think that very few of the insane are in any sort of position of lucidity.’
      • ‘He has done his best to recapture earlier moments of lucidity and unity, but in many ways the final result feels rote and calculated.’
      • ‘The film revolves around an unnamed young man's emergent lucidity within a dream.’
      • ‘Many of these people have long periods of lucidity when they are capable of deciding for themselves.’
      • ‘There are moments of great pathos and humor throughout the book, especially in the rare moments of Harry's lucidity, where he realizes who and what he really is.’
      • ‘In the few seconds before my lucidity gave way to blind panic, I felt no little sympathy for the poor chap as he faced this calamity.’
      • ‘In a moment of lucidity, I connected the fires with the situation of the homeless in the city.’
  • 2literary Brightness; luminosity.

    ‘the lucidity of his paintings’
    • ‘Once outside the camera, in the light, the pictures took about a minute to develop fully, ripening from an initial turquoise haze into a creamy colorful lucidity.’
    • ‘Five shades of delicately creamy swathes of color, in a mélange of stirred light, give your complexion brightness and lucidity.’
    • ‘The skillful artist defines objects with the lucidity of sunlight, and needs no epithets.’
    • ‘The lightness and lucidity of the glass concourse is exchanged for the more brooding atmosphere of massive concrete walls and the muscular rhythm of the steel structure.’
    • ‘The only source of light is the lucidity in the verse.’