Definition of loyalist in US English:



  • 1A person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government, especially in the face of a revolt.

    • ‘And he is scathing in his criticism of current manifestations of loyalist paramilitarism.’
    • ‘Rebels hold the north and loyalist forces the south of what was considered a haven of peace and prosperity until a 1999 coup.’
    • ‘Criminals, saboteurs, and diehard regime loyalists must be detained and tried in a fair manner.’
    • ‘Only one loyalist had been interned and that was on a separate charge.’
    • ‘Now all but the most unquestioning loyalists are having serious second thoughts.’
    • ‘In the past the mind of loyalist paramilitarism was just another factor in the wider political equation.’
    • ‘The faction of Moscow loyalists essentially waited and picked up the pieces of the shattered organization.’
    • ‘In this lucrative post he distributed many patronage jobs, rewarding party loyalists while also seeking to recognize merit.’
    • ‘The only delegates from the Russian side were Kremlin loyalists.’
    • ‘It calls for a power-sharing government that loyalists say hands too much power to rebels.’
    • ‘The city is a stronghold of Islamic militant fighters and former regime loyalists.’
    • ‘On that day he did not flinch from the reality of loyalist violence.’
    • ‘They were puzzled and frustrated by the decision to get rid of all the guns when loyalists remain fully armed.’
    • ‘Statements that denounce loyalist violence or comment on its increase are frequent.’
    • ‘Soulless indulgence, on top of a loss of confidence, had taken deep root, and this frightened loyalists most of all.’
    • ‘But he blamed such strikes on terrorists and loyalists from the defunct regime.’
    1. 1.1 A supporter of union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
      • ‘The Loyalist exodus from Northern Ireland had arrived.’
      • ‘Driving across Belfast, I entered some of the Loyalist and Nationalist districts and began photographing murals, fascinated by the scale of the artwork and the skill of the artists.’
      • ‘The case has been dogged by claims of British collusion with loyalist gunmen.’
      • ‘The Loyalist working-class areas of Belfast suffer nothing like the level of social exclusion faced by the Roma.’
      • ‘On Monday Loyalist extremists had blockaded 125 main roads, closing down entire cities and towns.’
      • ‘He revealed that more than half of those arrested during the rioting - both Loyalists and nationalists - were juveniles.’
      • ‘And as night fell, rioting erupted between rival gangs of nationalists and loyalists in the north of the city.’
      • ‘However, he alienated hard-line loyalists without offering substantive concessions to the Ulster Catholics.’
      • ‘Nationalists and loyalists fought first each other, and then police who tried to separate them.’
      • ‘Although not stating so much at this point, this list of conjoined opposites will eventually also encompass Protestant and Catholic, Loyalist and Republican, Nationalist and Unionist.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, another man was shot and wounded in Belfast as the loyalist feud continues.’
      • ‘The Catholics had been under siege from two sectarian police forces and Loyalist mobs.’
      • ‘For a long time journalists vaguely lumped together Nationalists, Republicans and the Irish State on one side of the equation, and the British States with Unionists and Loyalists on the other side of the equation.’
      • ‘Loyalist marches in Northern Ireland have sparked some of the worst rioting in recent years.’
      • ‘The Ardoyne area remained tense last night as nationalists and loyalists braced themselves for more clashes following two nights of trouble.’
      • ‘He was injured as sustained attacks on the security forces by both nationalists and loyalists continued.’
      • ‘There were vicious sectarian elements to the loyalist riots.’
      • ‘Police were investigating unconfirmed reports of shots being fired as loyalists and nationalists confronted each other in Ardoyne.’
      • ‘For loyalists, Catholic nationalists were being given a free run at depicting themselves falsely as citizens simply claiming rights.’
      • ‘Top politicians and the press try to claim that Loyalists and Republicans are equally to blame for the violence in Northern Ireland.’
    2. 1.2 A colonist of the American revolutionary period who supported the British cause.
      • ‘Then, in the mid-1780s, thousands of Loyalists came to the province in the wake of the American Revolution.’
      • ‘The second phase switched British attentions to the south, where large numbers of Loyalists could be recruited.’
      • ‘But the final battle of the Revolutionary War occurred when Americans retaliated against Loyalist and Indian forces in the Ohio territory in November 1782.’
      • ‘In 1783, the arrival of Loyalists after the American War of Independence almost tripled the English-speaking population.’
      • ‘Per capita, Britain sent twenty-five times the number of migrants to North America compared to France, and Loyalists outnumbered the entire net French migration to Canada before 1800.’
      • ‘Cornwallis hoped that many Loyalists would rally to the British cause, but in the event this support proved unreliable.’
      • ‘Colonial Loyalists and Southern unionists, who rejected outright the nascent nations where they resided, comprised another potential source of dissent, though never a cohesive one.’
      • ‘Originally settled in the mid-17th century, it received a second population transfusion, of Loyalists, at the end of the American Revolution.’
      • ‘Experts from both sides of the Atlantic will discuss battlefield tactics, the contribution of Loyalists and Native Americans, the role of officers, and the real reasons why the British forces failed to achieve victory.’
      • ‘But agents, both Loyalist and Revolutionary, were stirring up trouble among the Indians, casting the frontier into an uproar.’
      • ‘After the American Revolution another influx of refugees arrived, Loyalists who like the Acadians had been driven from their homes.’
      • ‘In addition to the Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution, Canada became a sought-after destination for American farmers in search of cheaper land.’
      • ‘The Auberge takes its name from the historic village of North Hatley, which was initially settled by British Loyalists after the American Declaration of Independence in 1776.’
      • ‘This coincided with an influx of black immigrants, mostly Loyalists who had served in the British Army during the American War of Independence.’
      • ‘The Loyalists amongst the Colonials came out in crowds to see him, eager to show their allegiance now that it looked as if the revolution were sputtering out.’
      • ‘After the American Revolution, many British Loyalists settled in Canada.’
      • ‘I was inside like some church or meeting house, and there were a blend of people who were native-born Americans and English-born Loyalists.’
      • ‘The history of the American Revolution and the settlement of various Loyalists in Nova Scotia are thoroughly investigated.’