Definition of loyalism in US English:



  • See loyalist

    • ‘His entertainment prospered not only because it was exciting, but also because the authorities, who were usually suspicious of popular gatherings, tolerated its robust loyalism and martial overtones.’
    • ‘However, he observed it was still unclear to what extent elements of unionism and loyalism were willing to commit to participating in such a debate on peaceful and democratic terms.’
    • ‘In recent years there has been much emphasis on the ways that it reinforced a variety of identities: church and king loyalism, patriotic Britishness, male authoritarianism.’
    • ‘He became MP in 1970 and formed the Democratic Unionist Party in 1971, trumping competition from the Vanguard Unionist Progressive Party to represent working-class loyalism.’
    • ‘Read on, for a compilation of rambling late night thoughts, mainly about unionism and loyalism but with a fair bit on republicanism.’