Definition of loya jirga in English:

loya jirga


  • See jirga.

    See also jirga
    • ‘Then there is the obvious difficulty of convincing all the ethnic, tribal and religious groups that everyone will be fairly represented and that they should support the loya jirga's decisions.’
    • ‘But the impeachment of a president requires a two-thirds vote in the lower house to convene a loya jirga, a two-thirds vote in the loya jirga, and the approval of a special court, making such an eventuality all but impossible.’
    • ‘The loya jirga held in Afghanistan was thus an American invention of a tradition, and everyone knows that anyway it was stage managed by the US.’
    • ‘But not far below the surface, the loya jirga has changed little in the country.’
    • ‘The loya jirga is being convened by the Loya Jirga Commission, whose 21 members - lawyers, doctors and professors - were all selected by the UN.’
    • ‘But if they try to do it for more than that, they will need to have some other kind of political process, such as another loya jirga, to bring together representatives of the people to legitimate that decision.’
    • ‘In it, Rashid described how at the loya jirga a groundswell of support had developed for Zahir Shah, the former king, but U.S. diplomats in Kabul had intervened to block it.’
    • ‘In the meantime, Afghan women activists are working hard to make sure they are fairly represented at the June loya jirga.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in Afghanistan there were outbreaks of violence as Afghans prepare to vote for representatives to meet at a constitutional assembly or loya jirga later this year.’
    • ‘Their hopes of recovering what they see as their historic right to rule Afghanistan are pinned on the loya jirga, due to be held in June under the direction of the aged, exiled king.’
    • ‘It was little more than a token gesture - 14 of approximately 25 ministers as well as three vice-presidents and the country's chief justice were presented to the loya jirga for approval.’
    • ‘In an inaugural speech to the loya jirga, Karzai outlined an economic program for his government, stressing on the need to protect Afghanistan's natural resources and setting a customs collection system.’
    • ‘How could their elders survive in such a large number as to organize a loya jirga and sit coolly to listen to each other and ponder over the future steps to bring back normality in the traditional Afghan life!’
    • ‘Despite numerous reports of intimidation and a number of murders, Afghans are determined that the loya jirga takes place as part of the ongoing ‘normalisation’ of the country.’
    • ‘There were few women delegates at the loya jirga in June that set up the new government.’
    • ‘About a month later, in October, a loya jirga will convene to ratify the new Constitution.’
    • ‘In regards to US-imposed ‘democracy’ in Afghanistan, it is important to keep the following points in mind when analyzing the loya jirga.’
    • ‘Under the U.N. accord, the loya jirga will form a transitional government that will draw up a constitution during its one-and-half-year rule, which will ultimately pave the way for setting up an independent government.’


loya jirga

/ˌloiə ˈjərɡə/