Definition of lowlight in US English:



  • A particularly disappointing or dull event or feature.

    • ‘Bring school ‘home’ by asking your children for one school highlight and one school lowlight from each day.’
    • ‘The one lowlight came in the form of the lasagna, which although it tasted fine on top, was blackened on the bottom.’
    • ‘The lowlight, in terms of competitiveness, was at Daytona, home to NASCAR and its flagship track.’
    • ‘I forget the exact place, but the lowlight came when a roulette croupier stopped all bets before I had put down all of my chips, which wouldn't have been so bad except that I was the only one at the table.’
    • ‘In selecting the lowlight of the year, I'd have to say that there have been a few.’
    • ‘So what about the lowlights and most disappointing performances?’
    • ‘Today's lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal basically hits all the lowlights.’
    • ‘If the seasonal pattern is fulfilled then we can look forward to the following lowlights of a very bleak winter season.’
    • ‘However, the lowlight of the tournament was a fracas between a player and an umpire.’
    • ‘Here are some of the lowlights (and keep in mind we were already irritated).’
    • ‘For some reason, this time around, the lowlights include the rearrangement of almost every vocal track.’
    • ‘Think back to the performance in Castres, or lack of it, think of all those lowlights.’
    • ‘I am pleased to know that I am not off base and most consider this film the lowlight of his career.’
    • ‘And that, ladies and gentlemen, has got to be the most crushing lowlight of the festival.’
    • ‘The lowlight has to come on September 1 when the Red Sox lost to the Yankees, and once again allows the Yankees to clinch the American League East.’
    • ‘I suppose you ingrates want a slightly more expansive critique of one of the lowlights of Melbourne theatre in 2005?’
    • ‘Here are some other lowlights of the House Drama…’
    • ‘A lowlight was seeing the Cerberus captain helped off the field after only five minutes of play in their first game.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, that was not the lowlight of the afternoon.’
    • ‘Its lethargic pace and surprising lack of experimentation render it a boring and predictable lowlight.’


Mid 17th century (originally in the nautical sense ‘a less elevated lighthouse or beacon’): from low, suggested by highlight.