Definition of lowlander in US English:



  • See lowland

    • ‘Highlanders created a much wider array of networks for themselves than did lowlanders, crossing political and parochial borders in their migrations, marriages, and criminal collusion.’
    • ‘Then a civil war in 1994 brought an influx of lowlanders with malaria to Karuzi.’
    • ‘The valleys have not lost their character but agricultural and industrial changes have depopulated some areas and opened others to an influx of lowlanders seeking holiday and retirement homes.’
    • ‘Highlanders (those living inland, particularly in mountain areas) tend to see lowlanders (those living in the cities and towns around the coast) as untrustworthy and Westernized.’
    • ‘He confirms that the pillars are those of a burnt house in a burnt village, which the villagers allege was torched by lowlanders and forestry rangers.’