Definition of lower school in US English:

lower school


  • The section of a larger school that educates younger students, especially those below the fifth grade.

    • ‘Both nations have plans to wire schools, but that does not insure their execution, and very few lower schools are connected in either nation.’
    • ‘About 125 students, ages 11 to 16, attend the lower school, housed in a beautiful old building that was a hunting lodge built for King George II.’
    • ‘Instead of chores for punishment at lunchtimes, one day I was forced to stand outside staring into the window of the head of lower school's office.’
    • ‘Zach talked most of the ride to the lower school about how today was show and tell and he was going to show everyone some of the Brazilian money we got on our last vacation.’
    • ‘We would be taking the same action with your son but as he is in the lower school we needed time to consider it to do so.’
    • ‘It will be used to refurbish the food technology room at the lower school building in Thorpe.’
    • ‘There were no dances exclusively for the lower school either - no hornpipe or Scottish country dances.’
    • ‘There have been two incidents where an elderly man spoke to girls from the lower school as they walked home.’
    • ‘The year nine students will provide a mediation service for the lower school, with the year 12 and 13 students helping out students in the upper school.’
    • ‘The authority will contribute a further £1.5m with the remaining funds raised by selling the redundant lower school buildings.’
    • ‘The lower school was donated an authentic keyboard, sheet music, tapes, a microphone and mouth organ.’
    • ‘The lower school students will continue to attend the Chopping Knife Lane buildings while developers start building homes on the playing fields which, by then, will be fenced off.’
    • ‘Class sizes are kept down to an average of 12 in the lower school and ten in A-level classes.’
    • ‘Half the children from the lower school will spend the day with their older peers at East Kennett.’
    • ‘My brother and sister, Davis and Sydney go to a Roman Catholic lower school.’
    • ‘Moreover, lower schools would use the local language, and there would be compulsory education provided for all children by 1922.’
    • ‘A collection in the lower school brought in £56 in loose change that was used to buy toys for 17 boxes.’
    • ‘Two lower schools in the area are to receive an award for excellence.’
    • ‘The final decision, however, on the £22 million scheme to unite the upper and lower schools on the Orchard Road site will be made by Kennet District Council next Thursday.’
    • ‘The bulk of the teaching accommodation in the lower school was not damaged and the entire upper school escaped the fire altogether.’


lower school

/ˈlōər ˌsko͞ol//ˈloʊər ˌskul/