Definition of lower animals in English:

lower animals

plural noun

  • Animals of relatively simple or primitive characteristics as contrasted with humans or with more advanced animals such as mammals or vertebrates.

    • ‘He tried to poison us like lower animals, like the mice that pester storybook villages, the insects that fly around the heads of those that I read about.’
    • ‘The only thing left of the organic code will be animals, probably lower animals.’
    • ‘However, our bodies do require some meat to survive and we are guilty of consuming lower animals.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it also raises doubts about the significance of the expressive behaviors that Darwin pointed to as signs of ‘the various emotions and faculties… in the lower animals.’’
    • ‘In lower animals, this organ detects substances that mediate sexual and territorial behaviors in species.’
    • ‘In fact, many plants and lower animals reproduce fully or partially asexually.’
    • ‘I think lower animals are extremely skilful at performing a rather few tasks.’
    • ‘We might give attention to what is entirely relevant, research on the lower animals.’
    • ‘The Bible does attribute the properties of life and death to both the plants and the lower animals.’
    • ‘I maintain, on the other hand, that there are indications of man having received something that he could not have derived from the lower animals.’
    • ‘The lower animals he regarded as pure automatons - mere machines.’
    • ‘Now, by creating the means to execute those simulations at much higher speeds, we are entering a regime as radically different from our human past as we humans are from the lower animals.’
    • ‘In the case of the lower animals it seems much more appropriate of their social instincts, as having been developed for the general good rather than for the general happiness of the species.’
    • ‘We are not much different from lower animals in many ways.’
    • ‘It seems clear that lower animals have genetically programmed innate fear responses to certain types of stimuli.’
    • ‘Only some lower animals do everything for themselves.’
    • ‘First, we acknowledge that lower animals (such as bugs) move only by mechanics.’
    • ‘‘The lower animals, like man, manifestly feel pleasure and pain, happiness and misery,’ he wrote.’
    • ‘That which distinguishes man from the lower animals is not the understanding of articulate sounds, for, as every one knows, dogs understand many words and sentences.’
    • ‘Studies in lower animals suggest that such activities can be initiated within minutes and continue for the hours, days, and weeks required for full rehabilitation.’


lower animals

/ˌlōər ˈanəməlz/