Definition of lowbred in US English:



  • Characterized by coarse behavior or vulgar breeding.

    • ‘Neither did Twitchell fit the carpetbagger mold cast by historian William Dunning and his followers nearly a century ago, which held that these men were ‘archetypical villains, lowbred northern adventurers who descended like vultures on the conquered South’.’
    • ‘Instead, the screenwriters should have devoted more time to developing the relationship between Kat and her clergyman counselor and to providing us with a better understanding of both the friendly dockland security manager, who may have something to hide, and the lowbred Jim, the former fiancé of Kat's sister.’
    • ‘You are lowbred and common, and, in future, I'll be the chief.’
    • ‘As if in order to get his mind off the ill-mannered, rude, loutish - and potentially lethal - antics of lowbred, narcissistic drivers, he turns to me and asks, ‘Not counting your parents, who most influenced you between the ages of zero and eighteen?’’
    • ‘He shocked Boston with his foppish ‘velvet waistcoats of vivid green or brilliant crimson’ and his lowbred way of breezily combing his long tresses during a dinner given in his honor.’