Definition of lowball in English:



  • 1A ball pitched so as to pass over the plate below the level of the batter's knees.

    1. 1.1North American informal [as modifier] (of an estimate, bid, etc.) deceptively or unrealistically low.
      • ‘As an expat American in the UK I get confronted with the lowball figures all the time.’
      • ‘In June, they made lowball offers for the shares it doesn't own in each.’
      • ‘In this case, because of the lowball assessments favouring the developer, our experts says that the EIA was neither independent nor fair.’
      • ‘They became popular after a Delaware court found a board of directors negligent in 1985 for approving in two hours the sale of a company at a lowball price.’
      • ‘So much for phony lowball estimates, which all governments dangle to keep the rubes quiet.’
      • ‘There are a lot more proteins than there are genes (a lot more, given the surprisingly lowball figure for the total size of the human genome), and the number of protein activities is several times larger than that.’
      • ‘When the campaign's lowball estimate of how much it can collect for a primary race without opposition is $170 million, you're looking at the greatest political fundraising machine since Louis XIV dined alone.’
      • ‘Are real estate agents encouraging lowball offers, because their take doesn't change much and they just want to make a deal?’
      • ‘If you're one buyer who was reeled-in by a lowball price tag, you're probably experiencing regrets.’
      • ‘Seattle got a couple of lowball offers for Allen but never was close to dealing him.’
      • ‘That year, the producers sadly underestimated WGA resolve and gave us a lowball offer, figuring we'd either grab it or that a strike would collapse quickly.’
      • ‘My father and I took a gamble and made a lowball offer - tens of thousands less than the original asking price - with the idea that I could afford monthly payments myself.’
      • ‘When it comes to the NFL, a six-year, $37.8 million deal with a signing bonus of $15.5 million somehow qualifies as a lowball offer when you compare it to some of the other monstrous contracts that have been signed in recent months.’
      • ‘And despite the fact that even that number is obviously a lowball figure, he refuses to speculate further.’
      • ‘While the original offer was a lowball bid, she figures the new one may be enough to get edgy investors already worried about consolidation to cash out.’
      • ‘He got on the phone recently to counter a lowball offer.’
      • ‘Did he feel the $1.5 million annual salary was a lowball offer?’
      • ‘Sure, management traditionally says such defense mechanisms are designed to foil a lowball tender offer.’
      • ‘This action helps purge lowball quotes or quotes that are mistakes, reducing the chance that facility executives will wind up with a contractor who cannot do the job correctly for the bid amount.’
      • ‘I guess we should also be talking about the lowball quote.’


[WITH OBJECT]North American
  • Offer a deceptively or unrealistically low estimate, bid, etc. to.

    ‘are you being lowballed by someone who hopes to make money on extras later?’
    • ‘Well, basically, what they do is, they lowball you on the bid.’
    • ‘Several property owners were lowballed, and court decisions increased their take.’
    • ‘It was no surprise that other general managers lowballed him in trade talks.’
    • ‘Have a cash float with lots of change: A good garage saler will have plenty of change on hand to try and lowball you, but the rest of your customers probably have $20 bills in their pockets.’
    • ‘Well if they are going to arbitration then the players obviously ‘felt’ they were being lowballed.’
    • ‘Let's lowball and say I worked eight hours each day.’
    • ‘Translation: the entrepreneurs figured they were getting lowballed and walked.’
    • ‘As a result, it will be nearly impossible for investors to know if a company is lowballing, or to compare options costs among different companies.’
    • ‘If I was lowballed severely like that, I'd hate the organization enough to leave once my contract is up.’
    • ‘If they go for it, you don't have to worry that you'll be lowballing.’
    • ‘Sources close to Brown say he was lowballed when negotiations began, setting the table for what proved to be sour negotiations at times.’
    • ‘They played up his love for Seattle and figured they could lowball him because of that love.’
    • ‘Compared to other deals that have been signed, the 49ers lowballed him with their contract offer.’