Definition of low tension in US English:

low tension

(also low voltage)


  • An electrical potential not large enough to cause injury or damage if diverted.

    • ‘The voltage is therefore the main determinant of the degree of tissue damage, and it is logical to divide electrocution injuries into those caused by low voltage, domestic current and those due to high voltage currents.’
    • ‘She said there were two separate faults - one in the morning affecting a low voltage line and a second in the afternoon on overhead high voltage cables.’
    • ‘Output high voltage clamped circuit for low voltage differential swing applications in the case of overload.’
    • ‘The cut mode utilizes high electrical current with low voltage.’
    • ‘Most homes had low voltage electricity and that can cause things like fridges to burn out.’
    • ‘Bangalore does not even have that saving grace - less than 40 per cent of high tension wires are underground, and as for the low tension wires, a measly 4 per cent!’
    • ‘The initial contract is a five-year period and includes the maintenance of water reticulation network conveyance and purification, low voltage electrical distribution network, road network and buildings.’
    • ‘Whether it is a low voltage transformer, high voltage transformer, current transformer, pulse transformer, electric transformer, custom transformer this equipment will be able to check and test it.’
    • ‘A low voltage system has been installed in Boskruin, protection added to the Delta substation and cables laid in Weltevreden Park.’
    • ‘A spokesman for electricity company EDF Energy said: ‘Two faults on our low voltage underground network interrupted power.’’
    • ‘The division, created on January 1, produces domestic and industrial low voltage electrical power protection devices, lighting and domestic appliances.’
    • ‘A new sub-station in Great Notley aims to meet the expected growth in electricity demand for at least ten years, while localised work on the low voltage network will be carried out so faults can be more easily isolated and dealt with.’
    • ‘I note the invoice refers to running a low voltage wire through a conduit pipe, hooking up the units, and then checking the operation of the machinery.’