Definition of low road in US English:

low road


  • A behavior or approach that is unscrupulous or immoral.

    • ‘England, more pragmatically, took the low road and now the results can be compared.’
    • ‘You have failed my orders but you did not consciously take the low road.’
    • ‘See, the good news is when we do the right thing - as opposed to taking the low road, when we do the right thing, we do the ethical thing, it benefits us in the long run.’
    • ‘These magazines serve the lowest common denominator; they take the low road in order to titillate and sensationalize.’
    • ‘Here's a guy that's positive, that makes money, that is successful and never takes the low road.’
    • ‘In his bid to smear me and promote the interests of his client, he went straight for the low road and stayed there.’
    • ‘Too often, films take the low road and churn out a story that has little or nothing to do with the original text.’
    • ‘The low road relies on conflict and insecurity, control and harsh worker punishments, and often features declining real wages.’
    • ‘As I have said in past blogs, the Democrats think they can get away with taking the low road because they are confident that the press and their core constituencies won't object.’
    • ‘Fearing for their political lives, they took the low road and sought to increase leftist turnout by bashing the US.’
    • ‘Politicians of both parties are all on the low road rushing around in a mad scramble for corrupt corporate cash to finance their campaigns.’
    • ‘Let's take the high road, not the low road of scaring people into voting for one side or the other.’
    • ‘Labour was at the crossroads at Cancun, and it took the low road.’
    • ‘The low road can sometimes bring short-term financial rewards, but it always leads to a dead end.’
    • ‘In foreign policy, its hard to claim the moral high road when you're stumbling down the low road arm-in-arm with repressive dictators.’
    • ‘You could take the low road and tattle on Phil in purchasing.’
    • ‘The candidates can't say anything about this, of course; but there's no reason some of us can't take the low road.’
    • ‘The Democrats lacking any real substantial issues or candidate have taken the low road again.’
    • ‘He has shown sportsmanship and respect for his rivals in a sport where it is very easy to take the low road.’
    • ‘Other people take the low road, either by building everything someplace else or by beating up the workers to get concessions here.’