Definition of low-spirited in English:



  • Sad and despondent; depressed.

    ‘he was a bit low-spirited’
    • ‘I have had a slight feverish attack for the last few days, and I feel ill, or rather I feel low-spirited.’
    • ‘Afterwards, I realised there were some signs - his eating patterns and sleeping patterns had changed and he was a bit low-spirited.’
    • ‘Liz at this point was a bit low-spirited and asked her Mum for advice.’
    • ‘I felt a little bit low-spirited after my first attempt but decided to cheer myself up, and headed for the head office of one of the biggest commercial banks in town.’
    depressed, dejected, despondent, downhearted, downcast, low, down, sorrowful, gloomy, glum, unhappy, sad, melancholy, blue, fed up, morose, moody, miserable, dismal, heavy-hearted, mournful, forlorn, woebegone
    disheartened, discouraged, crestfallen, dispirited, without energy, enervated, flat
    down in the mouth, down in the dumps
    brassed off, cheesed off
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