Definition of low-resolution in US English:



  • 1Relating to a visual output device, such as a CRT or a printer, whose images are not sharply defined.

    • ‘WebTV and similar devices use a standard low-resolution TV as the display, so they can't display a full web page from most sites without scrolling.’
    • ‘This means that they draw far less power and they can be used with small portable devices which have mostly been using monochrome low-resolution displays to conserve power.’
    • ‘If you use a computer and printer, do not submit low-resolution dot matrix print-outs; they will not be read.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to an image that lacks sharp focus or fine detail.
      • ‘A high-resolution video of a speaker takes too long to download, but a low-resolution video makes fine details such as the speaker's face and hands appear fuzzy.’
      • ‘But it is advisable to start with high-resolution 35-mm slides and then scan to create low-resolution digital images, rather than the other way around.’
      • ‘The highland regions seen first in low-resolution Earth-based radar images and Pioneer-Venus radar altimetry are among the most complex surfaces and consist of a terrain that is complexly faulted in orthogonal patterns.’
      • ‘The images are low-resolution - they will be enhanced using powerful analytical computers in the weeks to come - and the colour-coding shows depths in the ocean.’
      • ‘The images, which are usually low-resolution files, are sent as e-mail attachments.’