Definition of low-quality in US English:



  • Of poor or inferior quality.

    ‘cheap, low-quality ingredients’
    • ‘The focus should always be on high-quality links, not a large quantity of low-quality links.’
    • ‘Myth No. 1 is that the new jobs being created are low-quality.’
    • ‘Instead of premium feed, goats are given food industry scraps, low-quality hay, or an overload of cheap grains.’
    • ‘A few of the cultivars promptly died; others lived but yielded low-quality fruit.’
    • ‘To be sure, plenty of companies peddle low-quality products at cheap prices to maximize their profits.’
    • ‘For example, low-quality cattle can often be transformed into higher quality cattle by increasing the number of days on feed.’
    • ‘Guild masters justified all this by claiming they protected consumers from low-quality goods.’
    • ‘This means growers may need to rely more on low-quality water resources.’
    • ‘Drought and low-quality seeds have left poor farmers with failed crops and no way to pay their debts.’
    • ‘With that said, the high-quality and extremely low-quality games are way easier to write about than three-star games.’