Definition of low-pressure in US English:



  • A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is below average (e.g., in a depression)

    ‘areas of low pressure almost always bring rain’
    as modifier ‘a large low-pressure system south of Bermuda’
    • ‘A low-pressure zone over the Bay of Bengal has caused heavy rain in the city.’
    • ‘This differs from the cyclones that occur on Earth, which are low-pressure zones.’
    • ‘The low-pressure area is so large forecasters believe it won't clear until next week.’
    • ‘In the low-pressure belt circling Antarctica the weather is constantly very changeable and is often stormy.’
    • ‘Tropical cyclones are immensely powerful low-pressure weather systems capable of generating ten times as much energy as the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.’
    • ‘At the same time the cold air moving southwards behind the low-pressure centre is losing height.’
    • ‘The Trade Winds, northeast in the northern hemisphere and southeast in our own hemisphere, blow from the sub-tropical anticyclone towards the equatorial low-pressure belt.’
    • ‘Just like on Earth, low-pressure weather systems signal cold, stormy weather and snow.’
    • ‘However, that day was characterized by the leading edge of a low-pressure front following several days of high pressure.’
    • ‘Low-pressure centers moving west from the Sahel during the monsoon often serve as seed for tropical storms and hurricanes in the North Atlantic.’
    • ‘Temperate zones, such as Europe, get more of their rain in the winter from the effect of low-pressure zones coming in from the Atlantic driven by the prevailing westerlies.’
    • ‘Minor short-wave troughs moving in the westerly upper air flow provide the dynamics conducive to the development of surface low-pressure systems.’
    • ‘The eastward movement of the low-pressure convection area results in drought conditions in Australia, Indonesia, Africa, and India.’
    • ‘That number reflects the difference in atmospheric pressure between a long-lived low-pressure area south of Iceland and a high-pressure area off the northwestern coast of Africa.’
    • ‘This winter, the area gained worldwide surfing renown when low-pressure systems coursing offshore created a series of gigantic waves, as big as anything found in Indonesia, Australia or Hawaii.’
    • ‘The surface weather map shows an open warm sector with a deepening low-pressure centre.’
    • ‘The low-pressure system results in white fluffy snow, which appears as a very bright region over the ice cap.’
    • ‘A low-pressure system had kicked up quite a storm, and the roller-coaster waves made for an inauspicious beginning.’
    • ‘In a low-pressure cell, centrifugal force acts radially outward but the pressure gradient force radially inward.’
    • ‘Denser air rushes into the low-pressure area, creating winds.’


  • 1Involving a small or limited degree of physical force.

    ‘a low-pressure nozzle is recommended’
    • ‘In low-pressure casting the steel mold is above the molten aluminum.’
    • ‘First, the high silica contents of the glasses argue for low-pressure crystallization, as the solubility of silica increases as pressure decreases.’
    • ‘However, most labels do not recommend the use of low-pressure flooding nozzles for postemergence application.’
    • ‘Since the concept involved a 4-inch blade, a high-tension lock and a low-pressure release, there was little margin for error.’
    • ‘She used an experimental combination of two triple-expansion engines and a low-pressure turbine.’
    • ‘Why do we use a low-pressure gun to wash this piece of machinery?’
    • ‘In that low-pressure technique, hot, carbon-containing gases condense and react on a hard surface to form a thin coating of diamond.’
    • ‘The ceramic particles in the material serve to stabilize those gas bubbles, producing a foam sheet on the surface of the box that can then be low-pressure cast.’
    • ‘The presence of cordierite suggests that partial melting occurred under high-temperature low-pressure conditions consistent with the presence of sillimanite.’
    • ‘The single-stage low-pressure turbine runs the fan through a gear.’
    • ‘The light comes on when one or both low-pressure fuel filters on the engine become clogged and fuel bypasses the filters.’
    • ‘Production of pressure die cast wheels has been established and many are produced by the low-pressure process.’
    • ‘For cylinder head production, the plant employs low-pressure die casting.’
    • ‘There is a carbon seal where the high-pressure turbine shaft connects to the low-pressure turbine shaft, with specific requirements for handling the seal.’
    • ‘A significant metamorphic break commonly occurs across the detachment, with low-pressure rocks in the upper plate and high-pressure rocks in the lower plate.’
    • ‘Use a low-pressure spray containing a fungicide to get rid of must odors and remaining mildew.’
    • ‘The ship incorporated an experimental combination of two triple expansion engines as well as an additional low-pressure turbine.’
    • ‘The casting is performed with a low-pressure casting setup.’
    • ‘And in the end, their cumbersome, low-pressure engines proved a blind alley.’
    • ‘Flat fan and low-pressure flat fan nozzles are recommended for use only on boom sprayers.’
  • 2Involving a low level of activity or exertion; nonstressful.

    ‘her low-pressure style of teaching’
    • ‘He's in a low-pressure situation.’
    • ‘I like playing with ideas - for fun, in a low-pressure kind of way.’
    • ‘On the other hand, it's a low-pressure conversation starter.’
    • ‘During the low-pressure test, golfers putted without distraction, and all three groups sunk the ball with about the same accuracy.’
    • ‘One woman who attended the school remembers Valentine's Day as a "low-pressure holiday, fun with friends."’
    • ‘If she responds positively, ask her out for a low-pressure situation (not dinner and dancing) but coffee, drinks, lunch.’
    • ‘The group, founded in 2003, organizes social outings and holds informal, low-pressure discussions about religion and about the Middle East.’
    • ‘I'd imagined a low-pressure, casual month to put some ideas together.’
    • ‘Do an activity together, allowing the teen to talk in a low-pressure environment.’
    • ‘The club believes he could benefit from a two-week call-up in the low-pressure atmosphere of May.’
    • ‘It's a good opportunity to get feedback, in a low-pressure situation.’
    • ‘Finally, test-takers were given a chance to cool down, and subsequently given low-pressure tests of working memory.’
    • ‘More important, all the stars on defense will allow him to slide into a low-pressure role during his rookie season.’
    • ‘During the low-pressure phase, test-takers were simply told they were "practicing."’
    • ‘Journals are a good, low-pressure forum for student writing that exercises critical thinking as well as writing skills.’
    • ‘Last year, he walked into a slightly better situation with the Bulls, getting the minutes to develop his game in a low-pressure setting.’
    1. 2.1 (of a salesperson or sales pitch) employing a low degree of coercion.
      ‘a seminar in low-pressure sales tactics’
      • ‘It's the ultimate low-pressure pitch, with type big enough to be read across the room.’
      • ‘This is low-pressure selling and we are having no problem getting sales.’
      • ‘We believe that the advertising we do run actually helps readers make good decisions because it provides information they can consider in a comfortable, low-pressure environment.’
      • ‘Instead, they want to wow visitors with interactive kiosks, freebies, and the ability to play with consumer electronics in a low-pressure environment where nothing is for sale.’
      • ‘A more conventional approach - simple, direct and low-pressure - will get better results.’
      • ‘Part of your job, remember, is to do some low-pressure selling of your firm to the prospective employee.’