Definition of low-level in US English:



  • 1Situated relatively near or below ground level.

    ‘low-level flying was banned’
    • ‘The station is somewhat different from reality, and - perversely - passengers leave the low-level station via a downward staircase.’
    • ‘The low-level flying is fun; you can do a lot of spinning and swooping there.’
    • ‘‘On the old aircraft we could not practise low-level flying in the simulator but with the new J we can do so and so we upset fewer neighbours,’ he said.’
    • ‘Walkers with a reasonable level of fitness can join in a guided walk along one of the finest low-level routes in Ireland, the Old Kenmare road, with plenty of stops to enjoy the unparalleled scenery and to be told about the sights.’
    • ‘It's hard to fight off the sense of vertigo as the ground drops away on takeoff and mountains rush beneath your feet during low-level flying.’
    • ‘The outback experience included ‘a lot of low-level flying, lots of cows, and plenty of hot weather’.’
    • ‘Last year an experienced FA - 18 pilot operated his section in complete violation of established procedures on a low-level route below the route structure.’
    • ‘Part of the mission profile involved tactical low-level flying approaching and departing Baghdad.’
    • ‘He may have sold the hotel and been involved in other business when one day he did a low-level fly-past over a friend's trading station or farmhouse to drop a pack of cigarettes he'd borrowed a few days earlier.’
    • ‘The following day saw the opportunity for him to get back into the habit of low-level flying.’
    • ‘The ticket hall will be modernised, with a low-level counter for wheelchair users, and there will also be environmental improvements, new passenger information systems, and better signs to local facilities.’
    • ‘He said before takeoff that they would perform a daring low-level pass 200 meters above ground at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour.’
    • ‘A couple of moorland miles later we reached the relative shelter of the Clay Bank car park, said goodbye to Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook's Monument and shuffled off to our low-level car park, blown away and weak at the knees.’
    • ‘This is a very important factor for aircraft pilots to take into consideration during take-off and landing or when engaged in low-level flying.’
    • ‘The low-level flying mission required him to climb towards a cloud base at 1,850 ft where he simulated dropping freefall bombs.’
    • ‘Modifications include a smoke generating system, a unique paint scheme for added crowd appeal, and a highly-tuned engine to enhance response in low-level flying.’
    • ‘A ban on low-level flights over central London has also been lifted.’
    • ‘Most military low-level flying takes place on weekdays between 8am and 11 pm but on occasions this has been extended to allow for vital training.’
    • ‘In addition to the dangers of flying low-level missions, landing on the airfields was often equally dangerous.’
    • ‘A temperature inversion had produced a sea of cloud that now covered the valley bottoms below us, a low-level layer of cloud from which the rolling ridges of the Borders rose like islands.’
    1. 1.1 Of relatively little importance, scope, or prominence; basic.
      ‘opportunities to progress beyond low-level jobs’
      • ‘As the 79 million baby boomers move up through - and out of - the workforce, there aren't enough younger workers to replace them in low-level jobs.’
      • ‘But when the FDA was confronted in court with evidence of such internal opposition, the agency responded by suggesting that the comments were only from low-level employees.’
      • ‘The centre is a joint initiative by the Home Office, Crown Prosecution Service and Department for Constitutional Affairs and will dispense justice to anti-social louts and low-level criminals.’
      • ‘I recently advertised for a low-level PR job for a client, with a focus on ‘media relations’.’
      • ‘No part of the Silicon Glen across the Central Belt has escaped the recession in the industry, which has hit low-level assembly jobs hardest.’
      • ‘Since many local shopkeepers think they will scare away customers if hired, they are cut off even from low-level jobs.’
      • ‘The Greens tool along at the same modest level as before, with eighty-one mostly low-level elected municipal officials thinly scattered around the country.’
      • ‘At current wages for low-level jobs and current levels of welfare, there are indeed many jobs that Americans will not take.’
      • ‘We need to concentrate on those kind of jobs instead of trying to save low-level jobs that we have to subsidize to keep.’
      • ‘The new facility is seen as fitting in with the government's attempts to attract high-value projects, rather than low-level production line jobs.’
      • ‘This degree of wraparound care - simply to get someone into what is often a low-level job - may seem extraordinary to the outsider, but those who have been helped insist it is necessary.’
      • ‘In effect, though, the argument against keeping some of these jobs here is that they're such low-level jobs.’
      • ‘If they do find work, it tends to be in low-level office jobs.’
      • ‘This stand-alone thriller features Miles Flint, an unambitious low-level spy, whose job is to watch and listen, and report backs to his superiors.’
      • ‘I had just started a low-level job at the Village Voice, imagining it would be, even in this beleaguered climate, a bastion of what was left of the Left.’
      • ‘Even the stores' harshest critics concede that they provide employment, albeit in primarily low-level service jobs.’
      • ‘He worked at this rather low-level job, true, but he was incredibly smart.’
      • ‘He said: ‘If we are talking about low-level production skills, we can no longer compete on a low-cost basis.’’
      • ‘Most people entered the work force through low-level, minimum wage jobs.’
      • ‘Also, road traffic police, low-level administrative servicemen and healthcare staff have been the most frequent targets of bribery.’
    2. 1.2Computing Relating to programming languages or operations that are relatively close to machine code in form.
      • ‘As I am more into hardcore low-level programming, I sat for a long time using only ugly programmers' graphics and no real mission.’
      • ‘With all that silicon and increasingly-programmable APIs, low-level GPU programming is growing exponentially more intricate.’
      • ‘Typically, you need to program microcontrollers with a low-level language, such as Assembly.’
      • ‘C has many string functions and good text processing capability but is a low-level language; it takes more code to do the same amount of work with this detailoriented language.’
      • ‘RTL, the register transfer language, is the low-level representation that GCC uses when generating machine code.’
    3. 1.3 Of or showing a small degree of some measurable quantity, for example radioactivity.
      ‘the dumping of low-level waste’
      • ‘There it was, clearly printed in the Prime Minister's announcement that the Government was abandoning its plans to build a low-level nuclear waste dump near Woomera in South Australia.’
      • ‘If it suggests using deep geological repositories to deal with intermediate and low-level wastes, a new site selection would not begin until 2007 or 2008.’
      • ‘Well South Australia has legislation ruling out a medium to high-level waste dump, and the likely Labor government says they won't accept a low-level waste dump either.’
      • ‘He claims high-level radioactive waste was washed down drains intended for low-level waste.’
      • ‘Others argue the effect of low-level radiation may be amplified by ‘toxins’ emitted from irradiated cells to non-irradiated ‘bystanders’.’
      • ‘After Berkley made that statement, a truck transporting low-level nuclear waste from New York to Nevada was discovered to be carrying a cracked container.’
      • ‘A failed high-altitude nuclear launch left a legacy of low-level plutonium contamination, and an old Agent Orange storage site caused some residual contamination as well.’
      • ‘Nearly 100,000 barrels of low-level radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, hospitals and research institutes are stored on the island.’
      • ‘Passengers and crew may receive low-level radiation exposure there (approximately equal to one X-ray).’
      • ‘Among the new weapons under consideration are low-level radiation weapons specifically designed for pre-emptive strikes.’
      • ‘He was also dragged into a public controversy over the carcinogenic effects of low-level radiation.’
      • ‘In addition, a UN inquiry in Kosovo had found that eight of eleven areas where the shells had been used were still contaminated with low-level radiation.’
      • ‘The company resisted pressure to clean up the lagoon until 1997, when the pond was finally dug up and the soils shipped to a low-level nuclear waste dump in Utah.’
      • ‘The more insidious threat comes from the long-term, low-level doses of radiation that the crew would take every day for several years.’
      • ‘It follows the South Australian state government losing a court bid to prevent the establishment of the national government's low-level nuclear waste dump near Woomera in the state's north.’
      • ‘A plethora of massive pipes keep draining millions of gallons of radioactive water into the sea with high amount of low-level radiation.’



/ˈloʊ ˈˌlɛvəl//ˈlō ˈˌlevəl/