Definition of low-grade in US English:



  • 1Of low quality or strength.

    ‘low-grade steel’
    ‘low-grade fuels’
    • ‘It certainly is sloppy, low-grade journalism.’
    • ‘He is not concerned about the loss of agricultural land because it is only classified as low-grade.’
    • ‘While preserving the green belt is an important consideration, especially in an expanding, crowded city such as York, it is hard to see much value in the low-grade agricultural land in question.’
    • ‘The quality of the photographs could be considered low-grade.’
    • ‘It takes low-grade coal and reprocesses it into cleaner, high-grade fuel.’
    • ‘If this had been a low-grade horror film with bad special effects, I probably wouldn't have been so frightened; the consequences of going against Allah's will were far more terrifying.’
    • ‘Local enterprise is most notably defined by underemployment, low-grade food processing plants and Chapelcross, a decommissioned nuclear power plant.’
    • ‘China has been restructuring its steel industry, increasingly replacing low-grade domestic iron ore with imported iron ore of better quality.’
    • ‘But there is one thing everyone should be careful about - many peddlers deliberately place some fakes among the low-grade antiques.’
    • ‘The low-grade steel, which was given zero rust protection at the Naples plant, was just about acceptable in the warm, dry climate of the south.’
    • ‘Men and women everywhere hawked government-controlled newspapers printed on a grayish, low-grade newsprint no doubt full of comparably dull propaganda.’
    • ‘She said: ‘The site is low-grade agricultural land within a developed area and inside the ring road.’’
    • ‘The low-grade kangaroo meat used in the sausages is in a different class from the high-quality prime cuts that reach Moscow's pricier restaurants via Europe.’
    • ‘Only until about 10 years ago, all of India's coffee was bought up by the Government - at a universal price and with expectation of seven year's credit - and sold as low-grade blends.’
    • ‘The film has a very low-grade videotape visual quality, which I'm willing to bet stems from the low budget and heavy use of available light; nevertheless, it's still rather ugly.’
    • ‘I spent $2.09/gallon at the pump this morning and it's only the low-grade gas I buy!’
    • ‘In place of skills, knowledge and seams developed over generations came ‘cheap’ imports of low-grade coal and the return to open-cast mining.’
    • ‘There has been no meaningful talk between the sides on what really ails the sport: the low-grade quality of the games themselves.’
    • ‘This is the new moneyed middle class of India, an outward-looking group, no longer willing to accept the low-grade food and worse service that was the norm when government restaurants and hotels dominated the service industry.’
    • ‘Not too long ago, these inexpensive loads were assembled using soft, low-grade shot and cheap wads.’
    poor-quality, inferior, substandard, below standard, second-rate
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    1. 1.1 At a low level in a salary or employment structure.
      ‘low-grade clerical jobs’
      • ‘Companies have to move faster and we should applaud those that let low-grade jobs go offshore.’
      • ‘Do the people holding low-grade office and factory jobs have what it takes for the information age?’
      • ‘White people had the power, control, resources and the empire; black people were perceived as exotic immigrants doing the low-grade jobs and disfiguring the landscape as well as the labour and housing markets.’
      • ‘At the time, he was a civilian assisting in the force's computer unit doing low-grade jobs such as imaging and downloading files.’
      • ‘In some cases feminising occupations offered men high and rising wages relative to other men, in others-such as low-grade service jobs, men's wages were relatively low and falling.’
      • ‘In the Invergordon job centre most of the jobs advertised seem to be low-grade, local authority work.’
      • ‘It's the people in low-grade jobs who have less power and more anxiety.’
      • ‘He gives little sense of the place of the poor in the information/service economy, which is important as many low-grade data entry jobs are being farmed out to the Third World.’
      • ‘His security clearance was immediately withdrawn and he was moved to a low-grade administrative job.’
    2. 1.2 (of a medical condition) of a less serious kind; minor.
      ‘a low-grade fever’
      • ‘During the long, cruel month of February, waiting for my delinquent digestive system to kick in, I had contracted low-grade pneumonia.’
      • ‘Malt lymphomas are low-grade malignancies, and progression to a high-grade lymphoma is rare, occurring in less than 10% of cases.’
      • ‘Physical examination showed low-grade fever and a slightly tender, markedly enlarged spleen.’
      • ‘Tick-borne diseases typically begin with a low-grade fever, headache, malaise, and possibly a rash.’
      • ‘Patients with giant cell arteritis often have a variety of other symptoms, such as malaise, fatigue, low-grade fever, anorexia, weight loss, myalgias or arthralgias.’



/ˈlō ˌɡrād//ˈloʊ ˌɡreɪd/