Definition of low-density in US English:



  • Having a low concentration.

    • ‘Some low-density varieties use carbon dioxide as the blowing agent.’
    • ‘Plastic bags are made of branched or low-density polyethylene.’
    • ‘He said it plans to develop its 800,000-square-foot site in Fanling, adjacent to the golf course, into a low-density residential project.’
    • ‘The Solar System sits inside an interstellar cavity of hot, low-density gas, some 400 light-years wide, called the Local Bubble.’
    • ‘Lightweight concrete, made using a low-density aggregate, can vary in weight from as little as 20 to about 120 pounds/cubic foot.’
    • ‘In cold climates, some low-density loose-fill insulation allows air to circulate between the top of your ceiling and the attic.’
    • ‘We think there are other possibilities for medium- or low-density development or for institutional development that would be more consistent with the community.’
    • ‘Site one was a low-density experimental area at the beginning of Pipeline Road, slightly fragmented by roads and narrow fields.’
    • ‘As land is both plentiful and relatively cheap in Portugal, the standard model for the family house tends to be the low-density villa on a plot.’
    • ‘The resulting projects are, almost invariably, low-density neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets of revivalist style houses.’
    • ‘The federal government's treatment of home ownership through the U.S. tax code has also indirectly supported low-density dispersed development.’
    • ‘The plan combines low-density housing with water management and new functions, setting an innovative direction for the province's new regional plan.’
    • ‘However, as a local authority serving both town and country households, we felt it was essential to include low-density rural areas in this scheme just as we do in our standard wheelie bin collection runs.’
    • ‘Although this is a low-density species, current numbers in appropriate habitat are not what one would consider to be dangerously low.’
    • ‘Most local governments are willing to put up with a regional structure with no teeth and no powers to challenge the continuation of low-density sprawl.’
    • ‘We must look for new ways to cooperatively increase jointness and opportunities to exchange forces in exercises, especially low-density assets and units.’
    • ‘Because the typical size of neurons is 10-50 m, low-density sensors may not establish a reliable contact.’
    • ‘More sprawling, low-density suburban development is the worst thing that could happen to the Toronto area, but voices on local councils speaking against it are in short supply.’
    • ‘The low-density plasma offers little resistance to speeding electrons passing through it, making it the perfect window for an electron-beam welder.’
    • ‘Sample sizes were not large enough to examine differences in time to replacement between the sexes or between the high- and low-density areas.’