Definition of low-cut in US English:



  • (of women's clothing) having a neckline that exposes the neck and the upper part of the breasts.

    ‘a low-cut evening dress’
    • ‘I chose a moderately low-cut black tank top with torn sleeves, remnants from when it had been a T-shirt in a past life.’
    • ‘She's wearing a print dress, low-cut of course, frilly sleeves, a quarter-inch of makeup, and her hair is dyed midnight black.’
    • ‘Dressed in a low-cut black dress, the brunette beauty spent more than an hour signing autographs for the excited crowd.’
    • ‘Traditional women's clothes include a sheer, low-cut, frilly white blouse and a flowered, full cotton skirt.’
    • ‘Then enhance your smaller chest with brightly colored blouses, shimmery shirts and low-cut tops.’
    • ‘She favors low-cut dresses and third-rate novelists.’
    • ‘The bodice was extremely low-cut, and would highlight to best advantage my less than ample supply of cleavage.’
    • ‘The corset was tight and uncomfortable, and the dress itself was a little too low-cut for her liking.’
    • ‘I never could stand these unbelievably low-cut, breath-stopping bodices.’
    • ‘The pop beauty's passion for low-cut tops and short skirts has come under frenzied media scrutiny recently, defying her past status as a style icon.’
    revealing, short, brief, scanty, insubstantial
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