Definition of low-cost in US English:



  • Relatively inexpensive; cheap.

    ‘a low-cost airline’
    • ‘Over the next three years the proliferation of European retailers in Ireland will bring a growth in low-cost, price-competitive fashion operators.’
    • ‘However, for anyone on a tight budget, our listings below represent some of the best value low-cost hostel/student lodgings in central London.’
    • ‘We were able to get low-cost loans out to tens of thousands of small businesses.’
    • ‘Based on category, prices of low-cost condominiums fell the most.’
    • ‘Your utility company may offer free or low-cost energy audits, or you can conduct your own.’
    • ‘This label is a low-cost way for the builder to inform the house buyer of the energy - efficient features of the house.’
    • ‘Some countries with firms that have done little to control emissions could reduce their carbon output through relatively simple, low-cost changes.’
    • ‘Going forward, Glen Dimplex will have to meet the low-cost manufacturing challenge presented globally by the emerging economic powerhouse in China.’
    • ‘He is also calling for a new national health exchange that is supposed to somehow offer low-cost, high-quality health care plans.’
    • ‘The weak dollar makes low-cost, high-quality red Burgundy virtually impossible to find.’
    • ‘The North Side home also provides low-cost apartments for the elderly poor.’
    • ‘Some asked whether Scotland really needed another low-cost airline.’
    • ‘One of the great Mediterranean cities can now be reached with low-cost airline Jet2, by passengers flying from Yorkshire.’
    • ‘They take their daughter to a low-cost clinic for the poor that they heard about from a friend.’
    • ‘Economists say slab should be made in low-cost developing countries, close to a secure supply of raw materials.’
    • ‘Use by major miners of artisanal produce may lead subsequently to claims of exploitation or taking advantage of low cost labour working in unsafe conditions.’
    • ‘Firstly, I invest every month in a low-cost index-tracking fund.’
    • ‘Some low-cost flights are actually benefiting travelers who decide to maybe snap a bargain at the last minute.’
    • ‘However, I don't think a few low-cost ads on Prime TV are going to do the job alone.’
    • ‘Many low cost high quality, deeply coloured amethysts are now appearing in inexpensive jewellery.’