Definition of low-born in US English:



  • Born to a family that has a low social status.

    ‘a retinue of low-born soldiers’
    • ‘French subjects, high-born or low-born, were hanging on to their safety by a thread.’
    • ‘Above all, he came from the south, and so could win back to the Democrats those many southerners who had voted for the similarly amusing, reassuring, interesting and low-born Reagan.’
    • ‘A low-born peasant maid cures the king of France, who promises her choice of husband but the man she chooses rejects her.’
    • ‘Confronted with depleted royal finances in Scotland, James deployed a board of low-born but able court administrators called the Octavians, and sold enough titles to near-double the Scots peerage from forty-nine to ninety-two.’
    • ‘And Henry, then in France, screamed to his troops in pure frustration, ‘What idle and coward knaves have I nourished as vassals, that faithless to their oaths, they suffer their lord to be mocked by a low-born priest!’’
    • ‘He always offers something juicy for his low-born audience to ogle, be it the crown jewels or the many messy decapitations.’
    • ‘She is a woman of her time - a low-born person who uses her sexuality to navigate her way through society.’
    • ‘Oddly enough for a fairly low-born seventeenth-century working scriptwriter from the rural outback, Shakespeare is better known today than many of his contemporaries.’
    • ‘Pompey sniffed at the low-born Julius, who ignored the deliberate affront to his parentage.’
    • ‘In fact, portrait painting at the time provided one of the most reliable routes to social advancement - especially for people who were low-born as she was - and she made full use of it throughout her long life.’
    • ‘She is a low-born girl with aspirations to the upper classes - bluntly put, she's a tough little gold digger, and she knows it.’
    • ‘He seemed old for his age, carried himself with a confidence that I would never feel, as if he didn't know he was poor, or low-born.’
    humble, lowly, low-bred, low-ranking, plebeian, proletarian, peasant, poor
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/ˈlō ˈˌbôrn//ˈloʊ ˈˌbɔrn/