Definition of love handles in English:

love handles

plural noun

  • Deposits of excess fat at the sides of a person's waistline.

    • ‘So out came the red tops, shirts, shoes, underwear and there in the back of the wardrobe, hidden from sight to avoid upset, was this gorgeous pair of red cut-offs that had to be abandoned due to love handles and a bulging posterior last year.’
    • ‘So all I can say is come on girls, bring back the love handles and let personality and individuality win out.’
    • ‘Trinny and Susannah would have grappled with her love handles, mercilessly introduced her to a few home truths and cracked a few jokes at her husband's expense.’
    • ‘Look, there's nothing wrong with having lots of love handles.’
    • ‘But no matter how fast your metabolic rate is… it may never be able to burn pre-existing fat that has accumulated in high fat concentration areas like the love handles, hops, lower stomach and upper thighs.’
    • ‘A huge debate erupted when he said anyone with love handles should avoid low-ride pants at all costs.’
    • ‘To get rid of those love handles you'll first want to start working on your diet by reading the food labels at your grocery store.’
    • ‘Second, it blocks fat-cell filling by blocking lipoprotein lipase so that less fat is dragged from the blood into fat cells on thighs and/or love handles.’
    • ‘Exercise is great for combating stress, as well as your love handles.’
    • ‘I know I have put on loads of weight and am nothing like as fit as I was, that's what getting married does for you, complacency sets in whilst those love handles grow and meet in the middle.’
    • ‘To work those love handles, perform the sit-up, but bring your shoulder to the opposite leg, then repeat for both sides.’
    • ‘So the couple are going to the gym together in a bid to lose their love handles for Valentine's Day.’
    • ‘If anything, twisting will increase the size of your obliques, and make your love handles more pronounced.’
    • ‘Losing weight is not easy, especially in problem areas such as the belly, love handles and a double chin.’
    • ‘A flabby waist and love handles are the result of fat deposits in the oblique area.’
    • ‘Many patients who have spent thousands of dollars making their faces look younger, reducing the size of their bellies, getting rid of love handles, have found that their new look clashes with their raspy, trembling voice.’
    • ‘Men whip off their T-shirts to proudly display ornately decorated beer guts and love handles.’
    • ‘One longs for visibly doubled love handles, the other wants to pretend they don't exist.’
    • ‘For example, he may use liposuction to remove a person's love handles then use fat injections to round out the hips and thighs.’
    • ‘The best exercise to help tone the love handles are side bends.’


love handles

/ləv ˈhændlz//ləv ˈhandlz/