Definition of love feast in US English:

love feast


  • 1A feast in token of fellowship among early Christians; an agape.

    • ‘Churches began celebrating the Eucharist in the morning and hosting the love feast in the evening.’
    • ‘And of course the love feasts at the pagan temple, as with those the Christian churches practiced, were proper meals.’
    • ‘Eventually the love feasts were discontinued and observance of the Lord's Supper became more formal and involved.’
    • ‘Artifacts, pictures, and descriptive material about the love feast will be featured in this extensive exhibit.’
    • ‘It may be that on the occasions they celebrated the Lord's Supper they also had something called a love feast, which would be something like a fellowship dinner.’
    1. 1.1 A religious service or gathering imitating this, especially among early Methodists.
      • ‘We could even recover the love feast from the early church and really start to see eating together as part of our discipleship.’
      • ‘Potluck suppers, soup kitchens, Anabaptist love feasts, fasts to protest war, and youth group pizza parties - all are specific social forms that arose within their own cultural settings as Christians ate together.’
      • ‘The love feast was quite different from other religious practices of the day.’
      • ‘Its class meetings, love feasts, and camp meetings were major engines of revivalism.’


love feast

/ˈləv ˌfēst/