Definition of love child in US English:

love child


  • A child born to parents who are not married to each other.

    • ‘In the anti-father-figure role, we have Craig as a rocker who discovers that a former groupie is raising his teenage love child.’
    • ‘Until she does, the verdict is out on whether the candidate for governor fathered a love child.’
    • ‘The acclaimed writer and dramatist, who had a secret affair with the actress in the 1960s, has learned she bore him a love child.’
    • ‘He was in the headlines in 1996 when it emerged during a paternity suit that he had fathered a love child with a woman he had met at a party conference 11 years before.’
    • ‘In his eyes, Linda was his love child, the one who made his wife stay.’
    • ‘Cosima was the love child, as she liked to put it, of Wagner's champion Franz Liszt and his mistress the Countess Marie d' Agoult.’
    • ‘The Royal expert is to hunt down monarchs’ secret love children and their descendants for a new TV documentary.’
    • ‘Meantime, Nola gives birth to their love child Jason, a son born blind because, she thinks, of her exposure to mercury fillings.’
    • ‘She has been reunited with the love child she gave away as a teenager, it emerged yesterday.’
    • ‘The Hollywood actress and her lover want their love child to be born in Africa because it is the cradle of civilization.’
    • ‘Is Meredith was having the love child of another man and you're being a gentleman and marrying her?’
    • ‘Constantin, it transpires, is an alchemist with an ambitious plan - one that threatens the couple's romantic future, and the life of their love child.’
    • ‘And so it began, my phase of daydreams about the Gypsies who had dropped me off at the door of the squares, or about the young woman with a halo of ash blonde curls, dying of consumption and imploring my parents to take care of me, her love child.’
    • ‘The documentary filmmaker says hundreds of letters suggest Giacomo Puccini had a love child, reports The Times of London.’
    • ‘It could prove whether his grandfather was the secret love child of Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise.’
    illegitimate child, child born out of wedlock
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love child

/ˈləv ˌtʃaɪld//ˈləv ˌCHīld/