Definition of love beads in US English:

love beads


  • A necklace of small beads, especially as worn by hippies in the 1960s as a symbol of peace and goodwill.

    • ‘His home, in California, is festooned with rainbows and chimes and peace dolls and love beads.’
    • ‘From the bell-bottoms he wore, to the love beads around his neck, Angel looked like the perfect flower child.’
    • ‘Leo, my parents are hippies, they wear love beads and listen to Pink Floyd.’
    • ‘She has a sweet personality and I get the impression that she's the type who likes collecting crystals and love beads and messes around with things like auras and acupuncture.’
    • ‘There was even the hint of love beads threading a shifting rivulet into the well of her cleavage.’
    • ‘A bit of ethnic jewellery - some love beads, an elephant-hair bracelet - always goes down well, as does a gold signet ring on the pinkie.’
    • ‘There were kaftans, paisley shirts, bell-bottoms, tight pants, short skirts, long hair, false eyelashes, painted faces, John Lennon sunglasses, fake pearls, mood rings and love beads.’
    • ‘Recently I've been thinking about the 1960s, that heavenly decade of lava lamps, love beads, transistor radios, mini-skirts, flower power and men on the moon.’
    • ‘Accompanied by her publicist, the slender, exotic young woman with long dark hair in a high ponytail is dressed in a white tank top, green love beads, lacy miniskirt, and backless pumps.’
    • ‘Lava lamps, love beads and long hair too often obscure our perception of what actually happened.’
    • ‘But the man doesn't wear pukka shells or love beads and he isn't a lifetime member of the Donovan fan club.’
    • ‘My main project this year has been a porcelain chandelier which was heavily influenced by the beautiful shape of love beads.’
    • ‘The affable son of a carpet factory manager, Adam dropped out of accountancy studies, became a hippy and entered the world of business via the unconventional route of selling love beads in the Irish city of Cork.’
    • ‘The great and banal truth of the New Hollywood is that for all the cant, the drama, the love beads, the hot tubs, the jump cuts, the acid and dope, the New wasn't all that different from the Old.’
    • ‘Love beads were all you needed for the complete hippie look.’