Definition of love-struck in US English:



  • Experiencing intense feelings of romantic love for someone; besotted or infatuated.

    ‘the love-struck couple plans to walk down the aisle early next year’
    ‘she felt more like a love-struck teenager than a 42-year-old woman with a responsible job’
    • ‘A love-struck student from Reading has spent twenty-four Sundays scouring Oxford for a woman he met once in the University Parks.’
    • ‘Peter was her bedroom steward - and even though relationships between passengers and crew were frowned upon, the lovestruck couple just could not help their feelings.’
    • ‘It opens in the UK on November 25 and should provide the perfect romantic night out for the love-struck among you in the run up to Christmas.’
    • ‘Kidman is actually quite adorable as the love-struck sorceress, desperate to trade in her broom for a groom.’
    • ‘The element of cognitive appraisal refers the tendency of the love-struck person to attribute his arousal to his beloved.’
    • ‘The music starts and Cohn, love-struck, asks Lady Brett to dance.’
    • ‘When the affair was discovered, the love-struck elegist was arrested and thrown in jail.’
    • ‘The story of love-struck men infiltrating a women's college is staged on April 28 - May 3 at Bingley Arts Centre.’
    • ‘She tries to wake him, and upon his awakening, he is love-struck (because of the magic flower juice).’
    • ‘"It was," reports the surveyor, "like watching a love-struck teenager."’
    • ‘The lovestruck pair had an on-off relationship from October 2000 but got together for keeps in September last year.’
    • ‘Helena enters the same spot in the woods, followed by a love-struck Lysander.’
    • ‘Many of these calls sound like, you know, chitchat between two love-struck teenagers.’
    • ‘Benches, if they are to accommodate anyone but love-struck teens, should be 5 or 6 feet wide.’
    • ‘Benedick, a sworn bachelor who thinks poorly of all women, cannot understand how Claudio is so love-struck.’
    • ‘Stephen moved to Wilkesboro for good in March this year, and the lovestruck pair have now tied the knot in the Wilkesboro Courthouse.’
    • ‘But the man who has put the ring on her finger is not a love-struck Romeo, although he tries to present himself through that guise.’
    • ‘The love-struck couple took a boat across the English Channel to France.’
    • ‘Civic society member Eric Mahy said he hoped the campaign would inspire more love-struck couples to pick Corsham as the place to swap their vows.’
    • ‘The perils of Internet chat rooms have been widely documented but reports of love-struck teenagers running away to visit someone they have met through them still constantly hit the headlines.’
    besotted, in love, head over heels in love, hopelessly in love, obsessed, taken
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