Definition of lovable in US English:


(also loveable)


  • Inspiring or deserving love or affection.

    • ‘He could also have won many more major tournaments but his lifestyle was against it - he was a loveable rogue, though.’
    • ‘He is an extremely friendly, loveable dog, with a quiet nature.’
    • ‘Before he could accept that someone else loved him, he had to believe that he was loveable himself.’
    • ‘I loved him from the moment I saw him because he was so cute, sweet and loveable.’
    • ‘People who knew him, including his teachers, would describe him as a lovable, cheeky rogue.’
    • ‘Two lovable rogues are discussing a mutual acquaintance who has just been released from prison.’
    • ‘The family described Gary as the life and soul of the family and a loveable rogue.’
    • ‘A lovable rogue has been recognised for his bravery nearly 100 years after his death.’
    • ‘Paul was such a loveable character - a one-off who loved working with and riding horses.’
    • ‘I was frustrated by his actions, one moment sweet and loveable, the next cold and harsh.’
    • ‘From it, we emerge with an even greater respect and affection for the most loved and lovable poet of the last century.’
    • ‘Christopher is compelling and loveable in his lack of guile, but I quickly found myself pitying him rather than seeing him as an equal.’
    • ‘This success was not, it has to be said, achieved through a loveable personality.’
    • ‘What do you do with a dog that is so utterly naughty, vile and sneaky but otherwise loveable and cuddly?’
    • ‘This furry scrap of a creature was of course completely lovable and endearing, but only to people who like cats.’
    • ‘All children need love and praise to feel confident and loveable.’
    • ‘He is a mixture of a genuine, loving and lovable personality, and a brilliant business mind.’
    • ‘She came back to Hampshire to live with her father, a lovable rogue who taught her how to get the things she wanted from life.’
    • ‘A loveable and lively child he was described as a friendly and chatty little boy who always had a smile on his face.’
    • ‘She'd never seem him look as sweet and lovable as he did then.’
    adorable, dear, sweet, cute, charming, darling, lovely, likeable, attractive, delightful, captivating, enchanting, engaging, bewitching, pleasing, appealing, winsome, winning, fetching, taking, endearing, cherished
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