Definition of louver in US English:


(also louvre)


  • 1Each of a set of angled slats or flat strips fixed or hung at regular intervals in a door, shutter, or screen to allow air or light to pass through.

    ‘murky light filters through the vertical louvers of the window blinds’
    as modifier ‘louver doors’
    • ‘It is also preferable that these vents be covered with screens, rather than louvers, to provide unrestricted air flow.’
    • ‘These are high ceilings, big windows and doors, with louvres, mosquito netting on four-poster beds.’
    • ‘These days the computer room is ventilated by fan and also has louvres in the door.’
    • ‘When asked, one of the waitresses was able to turn the louvers on the air conditioner so that the cooled air circulated much more effectively.’
    • ‘High ceilings and louvres allow the breeze through, which keeps supporters cool.’
    • ‘She recalls: ‘We wanted to avoid using shading mechanisms, like louvers or screens, that would project from the wall surface.’’
    • ‘When the fan is activated, the air movement pulls the spring-mounted louvers open, allowing the air to flow into the attic.’
    • ‘All spaces are permeated by light striated by the louvres, but the effect can be changed radically.’
    • ‘Exterior shading devices include awnings, louvers, shutters, rolling shutters and shades, and solar screens.’
    • ‘Inside, there is an inner glass wall with sliding doors, while the outer skin has opening louvres.’
    • ‘And, like any other vent, screen is used behind the louvers to prevent insects from getting in.’
    • ‘Ventilation consists of louvers and wide double doors at each end that are opened by hand.’
    • ‘For regular cleaning, dust the grilles or louvers with a soft brush or the dusting attachment of a vacuum cleaner.’
    • ‘Externally, the building's horizontality is emphasized and given texture by a covering of narrow larch slats and by louvres over glass doors on the west.’
    • ‘Stylish wood window shutter panels with operable louvers offer privacy as well as control over the amount of light that enters a room.’
    • ‘Two kinds of panels are used, one opaque with vertical ridges, and the other resembling a veil, with horizontal louvres that allow light to filter into the gallery spaces.’
    • ‘For summer rain, trellising can be covered with shingles, shakes, reed fencing bamboo, window screens, louvers, canvas, glass or plastic.’
    • ‘Unlike traditional Irish shutters, they have louvres that can be adjusted for privacy and light.’
    • ‘In order to do so efficiently, doors and louvres must be adjusted by a knowledgeable operator.’
    • ‘My suite is a tasteful creation with wooden louvres and adobe walls, plus seductive lounges that offer equally snoozy lagoon vistas.’
    screen, louvre, blind, roller blind, venetian blind, curtain, shade, awning, canopy
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  • 2A domed structure on a roof, with side openings for ventilation.

    • ‘It has a steeply pitched octagonal roof, drawing smoke and steam upwards from the great corner fireplaces to an elaborate central louvre.’
    • ‘In appearance, they are like medieval louvres and were designed to trap the wind from any direction then funnel it through a hollow shaft to the rooms below.’


Middle English (in louver (sense 2)): from Old French lover, lovier ‘skylight’, probably of Germanic origin and related to lodge.